First North Sea Adventure

North Sea fans! With North Sea the first Internet portal for all adventure – and Erlebnisbegeisterten is launched. The adventure and experience portal for fans of North Sea North Sea is the first Internet portal that specializes in adventure and experiences on the North Sea. To start, North from the instant the first 35 North Sea adventure gives an annual membership party at logon. North Sea is the new portal for adventure and experience North Sea fans. It aims to become the largest North Sea adventure and experience platform on the Internet. Click Apple to learn more. The providers offer regional – or topic-bound her adventure potential customers.

The user finds his adventure activities in the North Sea as light and fast and do not detour via the search engines. The long search thus was an end for the suitable offer. It’s the pursuit of North Sea, people interested in the broad mass of adventure to be able to offer a large as possible and still special range of adventure and experience providers. So finds its appropriate provider, such as the beach volleyball player or the honeymoon, which would give a romantic dinner on the beach his elect of twosome of surfers here as well. The concept is to cover each adventure through nine distinct adventure categories.

So the user can choose between the categories EAT AND DRINK, to water and LAND adventure ADVENTUROUS living, FUN FOR KIDS, team building, EVENTS, special beaches and the SPECIALS. Another way to find a suitable provider of adventure is the search via the North Sea regions, users are displayed here then all adventure provider of the respective region. Providers can present themselves in detail on North Adventure.debereits from a monthly fee of 12.95 euros of their target group. This includes that they can tempt your offer and your company with photos, a short and a long description and a site description of the adventure on a Google maps map the user.