Entrepreneurs: Online Businesses

The site ' ' It formulates Hollywood' ' , of Mayan Marcelo he is one of my favourite guides of inicializao to initiate a business of electronic commerce. The author mostraa to leave of the perspective of that he goes to touch the business from a small office made in its proper house. The author presents a good list of 10 reasons for the traders retail on-line will go to become it great: 1. Product with a good niche; 2. One design interesting of its web page; 3. Excellent service to the customer; 4.

Good marketing research; 5. Competitive prices; 6. Innovative marketing; 7. Good foundation to provoke a mouth-the-mouth; 8. A product that generates good research; 9. Good business of planning and financier; 10. To never lose its enterprising spirit; It also places a list top 10 of the errors committed for entrepreneurs on-line 1.

Lack of research of products; 2. Not finding a product niche; 3. Lack of familiarity with retail on-line; 4. Poor Design of its page in web; 5. Lack of financial planning; 6. Bad service to the customer; 7. Ignorance of legal questions on-line; 8. Lack of competitive advantage; 9. Lack of commitment; 10. Lack of passion; A thing that I go to add to the list of common errors of the entrepreneurs online is the incapacity to understand the metric ones of the site. Great companies, many times through its data try to understand as the customers buy through the site and then, they make the necessary adjustments. Proprietors of small companies, on the other hand, comumente are praying Hail maries so that its customers come site to buy it. But they do not have know-how, interest or time to analyze carefully where point of the purchase process they start to lose its customers, or because its customers are abandoning the stands of purchases to a high tax. Small entrepreneurs on-line cannot have the full pockets if leave to use the last technologies in its site, but advanced tools and strategies exist, that can give a perspective to them of as the visitors are using its site and that types of visitors if convert into purchasers. If you speak serious in having a success business and or alavancar its commerce online to the heights, then you must check this site. He today does not have so complete and professional content in the Internet. He is enough to compare and you will go to certify yourself of the efficiency of Formula Hollywood. I hug and Success.