A SON IN the DOOR Already during some days, somebody abandoned in the way of the street, small cachorrinho that water suffered without food nor. A woman of half confused mind felt sorry itself of the pain of that alive being and led the same for house. For some reason, after some days, this same woman tried to play it in the way of the street, in a plastic bag moored by the mouth. Seeing the suffering of that small animal, to my it brought it son for house. To be sincere, at that moment I did not desire that responsibility, therefore it was not in my plans or priorities. When I looked at that creature of God, so mistreated I was really impactado. Its eyes brought obtain the fear, the hunger, the headquarters and the diffidence with another owner.

I tried to speak with my son to feed it and later looking a new owner for it, impossible, I already was dominated, was paralyzed with those so sad olhinhos looking at for me and waiting a reply, as he knew that one more time food would be played in the street without water nor. Marks of a cruel destination that being, still a youngling, badly weaned, without affection of its family and none another one. Already it did not have more what to make, it already was part of my family and the family was part of it. It simply came to assume a place that for some reason, was of it, without no logical explanation. It increased the work very, but we gain a true friend. Of some form, in the day that it entered for the door of my house, it seems that the joy used to advantage the hitchhiking of the open door and came together. The life was better.