More Being

CHAPTER TWENTY AND FOUR Debtor, Dear Guitar! It retook the flight interrupted and it perceived that the mind still was gotten dull by the problematic one that if it abates to it in the last days. It remembered the colloquy with the governor, when it says that to observe the fisionomias and attitudes of the people it was as to unmask the incommensurable secrets of the Universe in figurinhas of the colantes albums. As it had been infantile! That beautiful part the destination nails to it, so that left of being prepotent. At that moment it more would not repeat the same thing. The events of that day, mainly later that it was felt alone without the protection of the sergeant, had served to it of lesson for the remaining portion of the life. Finally, after twenty and two years, it had obtained to discover a face of the life that was unaware of, of the responsible work, without protection. A intransfervel responsibility that for it would only have of being assumed.

It had many lives in game and the proper authorities of the city nor of light had knowledge. Proper they were white in potential More important, of these people, its father, its future father-in-law, the namorada one, beyond its, that lost the meaning in torvelinho of the emotions, to dedicate the protection to it of the others. The discoveries, nor of light could confidenciar to who want that it was, under the penalty of being tachado of insane person. The case to believe, would make of the city a cavern of curious. For who it desired to preserve the ecological balance, a tourist flow without structure would be the indicated thing less, beyond the natural exploration of the ore. Look took a walk in military that attended it between enraptured for song and admired for control that it kept in the nerves and to obtain to touch, after all emotions of that afternoon, until its eyes had found of Hawk, that with it are victim of the first ambush, to the edge of the river.