Chinese Government

China and countries traditionally surplus must now consume more. Only so you may correct tremendous imbalances in the global economy, poses in a logical thinking Xie. Increased domestic consumption in China, which you have sustenance in the socio-economic improvement before commented, it reduced its current account surplus increasing its importance as a major global consumer the Eastern country. Then we will witness a new world economic model in which China will become the country of reference. The above makes sense insofar and as soon as the Chinese Government itself is aware that cannot keep depending on the external sector to sustain its economic growth rate. What can make us think that you China will achieve impose itself as the great global economy? Mainly, the large amount of resources (labor) that have not been incorporated into production of the capitalist side of China and continuous improvement in the quality of life of the population, are two essential elements that lead to china’s economy to global leadership.

China is an investment-oriented economy claimed Xie, orientation that ensures sustaining the pace of growth, although in the future, the participation of consumption will increase Since the country has 1.3 billion potential consumers. As China increases its global importance, economic policy decisions will have a direct impact on the world economy. So instead of worrying about the decisions of the Fed (that continue to so), it will be relevant know what has decided the Bank of China on the rates policy. The global economic cycle, given the change in the balance of powers, shall be treated as not so much to the American economic cycle, but it will be more comparable to the Chinese economic cycle. We need more if the Chinese families reduce their consumption that if American families do.

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