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The decision about the deal affect not one but four. Here they are. First – who buys. This may be a member of the supply department, and all others on the list for whom you switch in the first place. They are those to whom access is easiest. They may even leave themselves at you. Sometimes they make decisions, but if it comes to big money, it seems unlikely.

The second – the one who pays. It just may be the ceo, executive or chief financial officer, the owner or the wife of the owner of the company. You need to figure out who this people. Before him, trying to get sales people, but sometimes to no avail. In other cases, sales managers are trying to get just to the highest leader, but he may not be the one who pays! It should be up find out who sits on the checkbook, before tearing up. And also to find the other two.

The existence of two more aware of everything, but almost 100% of sellers ignore their existence. This stand them sometimes millions dollars in lost revenue. Third – is someone who uses the product or service. This may be the production manager, chief engineer, chief accountant, any significant specialist or manager, for whose activities and provide a product or service. We must find out exactly who it is, to sell him (to sell the idea, often the money he is not interested) and make it your ally. Often this person has entree to the one who pays, and has on it huge impact. And there is another person, whose post is virtually impossible to determine. We call it a "mentor". This is someone who is simply a legislator views on this product. Those who listen, who is being consulted. This may be the Secretary General Director. Maybe his best friend. This may be his wife, who works in the same enterprise (or other relative, friend, etc.). "Mentor" can be most experienced in the company mechanic Uncle Vanya. It may be a Deputy Director, and list goes on. How could it be defined. To find a "mentor", you should directly ask who consulted the one who pays for all the people you to win. "Buyer" of your product, "user", General himself (if you are already communicating with him). And do not forget the most important person in your organization who knows and has a lot – about the Secretary of who pays. This is the person who can quickly take you to all honest company. I will not explain here how to communicate with the secretary, I'll write about it separately. The main thing that we should not forget – the secretary is also a man. He (she) is very strongly aware of its importance (more than the director). In the Secretary often have orders not to let him who is selling. But this "safety valve" applies primarily only to the main face, and does not include the other three. And with their recommendations, you can easily arrange a chef, and his secretary. He who has ears let him hear. I know that this little article will help those who can. For already happened. I wish you success and prosperity. Vadim Boys, owner Central Training Company