Electronic Data Interchange

The advance of computer science is dynamic, she has affected significantly commercial scenes, in the dynamics of the companies, especially in the function of markets, entailing to that the general management, companies, they are located better within the modern behavior that the function of markets demands in order to guarantee conquest of new consumers, satisfaction of its needs, profits. Exactly, thanks to Internet to its reach and repercussions within the electronic commerce for example, its roll cannot be ignored, which is bequeathing to the company uses that it and like through him the conquest of consumers can be reached who favor to the company in relation to the supply, acquisition, buys of products, services that offer. The chair of marketing research of the Program of postgraduate of the specialty of Management of the Quality and productivity of Phases, University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, within its program long ago emphasis in which their participants enter themselves in the content, reaches, repercussions that commerce B2C generates, for it its applicability struggles, results that are obtained and suggestions set out, solutions with respect to the weaknesses, barriers that often confront. The Wikipedia Encyclopedia provides very good information to us on the subject and emphasizes, that it is considered that the meaning of the term " commerce electrnico" it has changed throughout the time. Originally, " commerce electrnico" it normally meant the transmission of information referring to commercial transactions electronically, using technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), presented/displayed at the end of years 1970 electronically to send documents such as orders of purchase or invoices. Later it happened to include activities that would more indeed be denominated " Commerce in red" , as the purchase of goods and services through the World Wide Web via safe servants (sees HTTPS, a protocol of special servant who bases the confidential accomplishment of orders for protection of the consumers and the data of the organization) being used electronic services of electronic payment like authorizations for credit card or monederos.