Brazilian Population

We can cite other charismatic leaders in Brazilian history as in the period of the First Republic where if they detach the messianic movements promoted by devout the Priest Ccero, who he commanded the revolt of Juazeiro (1911), and Advising Antonio, whom the revolt of Canudos commanded (1896). Rational the legal power/, also known as bureaucratic domination, exists when it has the belief in a statute. The domination if legitimizes in the laws, and these determine as it will be the nomination of the authority. It is what happens exactly with the elections, that is a legal form to choose the representatives and the accepted population this as norm, thus recognizing the authority. Unhappyly what it motivates the choice of the vote are not only the proposals, but also or only, the incentives. Many see the elections as a business, a position of the legislative executive or as a job any, then if they use of all the half ones to gain the elections, ways these that are illegal as the purchase of vote and promise of public offices.

It happens that this starts to be a condition to vote and if it becomes each more common time in the society. What it makes an impression is that most of the time the people change its votes for banal corporeal properties, or some dinheirinho, even though a job and votes in candidates without proposals and behavior and is this the cause of the social problems that they insist as the poverty, the hunger, the crimes, me the quality of a public system of health and education. Then as already it was said, finishes being victim of its proper choice. As we can notice, the motivations that take the population to vote are most diverse, are conscientious methods unconscious, taking advantage this last one that candidates choose who go to intervene with the life of the society per four years. In view of the importance that a position as this has is necessary to always trust it to a person with consistent proposals and as we say currently, with the clean fiche. Then she is necessary that the population rethink on this problem when choosing a representative and that pass from now having reasons to vote and &#039 not only; ' incentivos' '.