When it is going to initiate the development of his Web site, it takes into account like something necessary to include within this plan 2 language. Hblelo with its developer because she or he is whom she must anticipate the measures necessary to implement it later or like part of the initial development. If it does not have the translation at the time of sending his site to the air, at least it has a bond with a brief text of how contacting to him at least indicating that English speech. 3. The use of flags In order to define within a Web site the use of several languages, I recommend to him to use icons of flags which are sufficiently visible and have a bond to the translation of the site. It will facilitate widely that the user does not lose itself looking for ENGLISH word ENGLISH or (we remember that they do not speak Spanish) within our Web site. 4.

Personalice each language of its site (NOT to the literal translations) Tools as the Translator of Google easily allows to decifrar the enigmas of a language. Donald Gordon describes an additional similar source. Nevertheless, these tools are not still ready to face the task of translating from a language to another one (they are not professional in text translation) without the context is lost of some phrase. It is extremely important to take care of that aspect in a Web site, because otherwise our clients or prospectuses Dahran a delight in criticizing our company by his lack of professionalism. 5. It is not allowed to lose sales You would not place a signboard in his closed business of in hours of office certain? Even though there are million businesses in Internet, you know you who this tendency of the sites multi-language is only beginning. One says well that the one that beats first, sticks twice. It takes advantage of this tendency, that is not merely a fashion, but an extremely necessary strategy of business.

Perhaps you are not first, but with only made have a bilingual site, its market will increase in but of a 250%. Conclusions: Little by little the systems Web will become more intelligent, to the degree of being able to literally translate from a language to another one a complete Web site (supplies of work translation). It does not replace the necessity to work in specific campaigns, by country, culture (is not the same a Mexican in California that one in Chiapas), state, etc. They would not either create announcements with graphs right away in Photoshop. This still is into the hands of somebody dedicated a 100% to this type of works or entrepreneur very dedicated. Original author and source of the article