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noted Astro shipper provides free horoscope again after almost a year long break, has the known Internet shipper resumed this weekend the shipment of his popular weekly horoscope. Every weekend over 40,000 recipients receive free of charge and without obligation your personal horoscope again every week for the next week via email. The free weekly horoscope () zodiac sign based on the topics summarizes for the recipients that are particularly important for this. Owner Michael Wiechert, 39, Dipl-kfm from horoscopes directly for this purpose: “Unfortunately our popular and free service had to pause last long. Initially, technical problems forced us to take a break, then joined the editorial constraints. Total summed the failure so to almost 1 year – of course very sorry has done almost US, especially as our free service has been appreciated by over 40,000 beneficiaries and we were often asked and will, when we then resume the shipment. The more we are delighted our readers how seamlessly the quasi new service again assume the open rate is how much and how little people unsubscribe.

And also economically, the newsletter for us is of course important, because this is also used, our latest offerings, to present our latest products and promote current special promotions. So we’re giving away to start of our week horoscope a beautiful lucky gems for the corresponding zodiac sign ()-we accept even the postage! “In the coming weeks are free gifts for every order to and then later whopping coupon discounts. Not to mention the offers of our partners, where you can also properly save and win great gifts are of course.” Added Doris Altmann, head of customer service. Horoscopes goes directly as a mail order business now in the 5 year and has a loyal customer base of several thousand customers, the is your personal natal chart or on the occasion of baptism or birth a child horoscope create let. High quality equipment the horoscope book, as well as excellent customer service characterized horoscopes right there which is reflected in the variety of positive customer reviews.

Company description the Wiechert Consulting has drawn up a proper degree of popularity on the Internet in recent years. On the one hand you advises online merchants and mail-order companies at all stages of the process chain, including when it comes to selecting the right ERP software. On the other hand you operates online shops such as the shop horoscopes directly and numerous Internet projects. PR contact: consultancy Wiechert Michael Wiechert village InStr 22 09306 Weissbach Tel: 037374788829 E-Mail: Web: