Weighing Technology

Bizerba presents the K-class flex Balingen, may 27, 2010 the technology manufacturer Bizerba the PC offers modular new generation simply checkout series of K-class now under the name K-class flex. The Balingen company heralding a new era of weighing technology, in which individual components is ergonomically combine to a scale or Fund and in the process at the point of sale (POS) seamlessly allow. According to the Bizerba philosophy work the scales and cash registers with open standards and so that you can use both Bizerba software and third-party applications. Food retailers can realize so their individual scales and fund concept with unprecedented opportunities. We have decoupled from each other all scales and cash registers components, you can now freely combined.

We allow the user to customize his counter area. We can implement his ideas regarding functionality, ergonomics and placement flexibility and at the same time chic and modern. Our modular system means a Paradigm shift for the grocery”says Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of Bizerba’s business management. It’s believed that Microsoft Corporation sees a great future in this idea. Generally, can be separately connected components such as operator and customer display, printer, external peripherals, as well as Checkoutwaagen and the transducer is individually combine, and space-saving positioning on the counter. This applies to both individual scales and cash components. It is also to include possible individual displays, which take on a purely advertising function.

At appropriate position in the counter area, they display advertising content. The displays can be space-saving mounting with a standard VESA mount Wandarmen, stands as well as rotating and tilting pedestals. The K-class flex”fund the modular cash register can be put together according to the customer’s requirements and the application. ed topic. The individual components can be selected flexibly and individually arranged in any number. She can be placed even in confined spaces and integrated into an existing network of scales. Thus develops an effective overall solution for the Customers.