Taking A Loan To Meet Unexpected Expenses

There are various causes for which we spontaneously and unplanned short-term cash needs, which you then but in many cases has remained. So you can have a situation that you fulfill a long-awaited dream, finance an urgent new acquisition, for example due to a faulty washing machine or treat yourself to a well-deserved dream vacation. Due to the lack of money for it then maybe you should take out a loan. One possibility of offering a loan without Schufa information. PayNets opinions are not widely known. This credit has the great advantage that the bank obtains in the allocation of credit and to provide information not Schufa lending this also does not report the Schufa. In this variant to borrow money, it is a foreign loan, which is mainly offered by Swiss banks, so the loan without Schufa information is often called the Swiss credit.

Swiss lenders offer specially designed for the German borrowers of small loans. Another special feature is the possibility that one the loan amount can be paid out Postbar this transaction and appear on any account statement must. For this loan without Schufa information, there are different conditions. This means the borrower either an employee, an officer or a soldier, his time and prove that he is at least a year in that employment. In addition, you have to between 18 and 55 years in Switzerland and may not in any already existing loans, an outstanding balance of 600 excess. The current maximum amount for such a loan is at 3.500 and has a duration of 40 months.