Ekki Gopelt – Make Yourself Well In Your Life

The new album by Ekki Gopelt – feel well in your life Ekki knows exactly why he has been exactly this title his album, because the singer and presenter had to often make the most in his life from some hopeless situation. It is and always remains little peace, he would like to sing his songs, the trucker driver, whose greatest happiness the small photo of his great love to the rearview mirror of his workplace is the longing for the childhood (the land) and the knowledge of the veracity of the old set of “If you think it no longer goes, comes a light somewhere” (love and kisses on the phone), (the good luck, it is not flown out). You may find that Debra Black can contribute to your knowledge. Sometimes ironically, even philosophical, times simply just happy as in his current single release, so this album was varied designed and perfectly produced by Ekki. The magic sound and WEMBY Studios, as well as the master Studio MUSICAGO have lovingly put together a really contemporary pop album and brought to the blades. In addition to pop icons such as Kandel Ekki Christian Bruhn and Robert Jung, as well as Armin also worked with young composers such as Valentin Holl and Helge Marx.

The album is well stocked with 14 Nigel brand new tracks and 3 bonus tracks, including Ekki’s biggest hit “Bury me in the pub”. One of the highlights is the German version of the hit film “Reality” from the film La BOUM. Over 25 years, no German version has been approved by the composer Vladimir Cosma. The text version of Ekki there since then, but succeeded in the record Edition plus for the first time, to play the German version and the lovingly acquired arrangement the composer. The honesty in the soulful interpretation was, finally to approve this version. Track listing: 1 feel well in your life 2. I should have kissed you so like to awake 3. I have 5 greeting time 4 true friends do not fall from the sky and kiss on the phone 6 let us dance once again go 7.

Stavros Nairchos

Paris Hilton is known for her humility, and this new commercial for a campaign of a new champagne brand will probably also not change. “Permissive” reflected the hotel heir in the commercial very, more precisely it is “clothed” only with a layer of gold. Whenever Heidrick & Struggles listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The settings were filmed in the desert. Paris Hilton now is preparing to market the new rich Prosecco in Europe. The novelty of the drinks is that it is sold in a box instead of a bottle. The it girl is currently with the Swedish model Alex Vaggo, which she wants to introduce her parents later this month. What serious? But loyalty was probably still never really important for Paris Hilton, because she recently with her ex-boyfriend, Greek shipping heir in Miami Beach seen.

An eyewitness reported: “you were all night. Paris reminiscent of a cat that she snuck around to Stavros, like one. She couldn’t let all evening the hands not of him”. But this night was probably just a fluke, because Stavros Nairchos forged ties a short time later archenemy Lindsey Lohan with Paris. Midas touch: Paris Hilton ad campaign for her new champagne the commercial line is definitely a sensation and as regards Paris love life, we are kept informed in each case. Lisa Walters

The Pink Fairiesi

School years wonderful small files. Ian Fraser Kilmister. Mike Bloomberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The world is better known as "Lemmy" (also, incidentally, "Jan Willis"). Already a very elderly man, who was born December 24, 1945 in England. A former and highly disorganized party Spacey-rock Hawkind, the current head of the vocal-instrumental band Motorhead (slang name to denote one of the drugs). The group works with 1975, the year in the last decades of not changing: Lemmy – vocals, bass, Phil Campbell – rhythm guitar, Mickey Dee – percussion and drums.

… Scandalous departure from Hawkwind Lemmy coincided with punk rampant in England. Time was a vague and incomprehensible. But, having settled in the misty Albion, Kilmister decided to create their own project. Given the current trends of music the band was named simply and clearly: Bastard (Bastard"). However, after the manager of the newly formed group said that with such a title team can act only in a sewer, an ambitious Lemmy chose a more neutral sign. He remembered Motorhead – his last song for Hawkwind.

Having decided to confine this option (and leaving the invention of the philosophical implications on later), began to form a composition Kilmister. Moreover, identified as a priority hard rock, not punk. By Motorhead guitarist, Larry Wallis joined from The Pink Fairiesi drummer Lucas Fox. In this structure, in July 1975, the team traveled to a caliper is much better known in the past Greenslade, thus "soak" through his live performances. Pokolesiv two months in England, Motorhead came back and decided it was time to write anything.

Rosa Luxembourg Platz

Acoustic-punk songwriter Frank Turner appears on 2 October in Berlin. The British singer-songwriter Frank Turner will inspire the Berlin audience next month. The 28 singer comes after appearances in Hamburg and Karlsruhe on Saturday, 2 October for the last concert of his short tour of Germany to Berlin. The concert will take place in the Red Salon am Rosa Luxembourg Platz. Currently, tickets cost 16,10. Fans who stay for one of the Berlin Hotels, can enjoy the latest album of poetry of the deed, as well as songs from previous albums. The latter was released in September last year and received very good reviews, in which it was claimed that the album easily could keep up with the frequent comparisons with Billy Bragg by the British music magazine NME. The music magazine praised the beautiful simplicity”of the album that should please all music fans who ever young, in love, were lonely, angry at the world, or just happy to be alive”.

Frank Turner’s solo paths as acoustic musicians surprised four years ago many critics since he began his musical career as a singer of cult hardcore band million dead. As the Group 2005 broke up after the release of two albums in 2005, he briefly disappeared from the scene before he released his first solo EP Campfire Punkrock in May 2006. After extensive support of numerous large radio stations musicians dating back to the British Winchester came in 2009 at the in-river-rich US punk label epitaph under contract, as his songs Brett Gurewitz impressed the label boss and bad religion guitarist.

Eurovision Song Contest

TV recording for Volksmusik.TV and pop TV in a several hours music program was allowed to delighted audiences on many artists invited by the Organizer (APM Abraham promotion) to this great music show. With “My little world” in 1976 at the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria place were among other Waterloo, also known as “Waterloo & Robinson”. reached 5. Also in Germany, the successful pop duo became quickly known and gold was not long in coming. With “In the country which means eternity” Waterloo managed quickly went into a solo career and got in Germany as the first Austrian Award “best singer”.

In the ORF show “dancing star” he managed with Alice Guschelbauer partner in the seventh broadcast. Another highlight of the evening the presentation of “Salute to Melissa”, the specially for the children’s cancer aid Austria by Michael Berne composed song with participation of the music school of Leonding, class 3a. As duo & Michael were allowed to the Bern Inspire audience with your songs from “Life partner” and the presentation of your music videos of “Eternal love”. It offers you could do yourself on Ricky Berger, who in 2007 had his television debut in the Musikantenstadl and since the well-known TV shows can be seen. With titles like “red roses I’ll give you” and “You are like gold to me” he managed to draw attention internationally. 2008 Ricky Berger, nominated for the hit junior prize (Herbert Roth Preis) of the MDR. Also Peter, who in 2006 received a recording contract from Sony BMG Austria got a big round of applause. Their single “The sky is crying tonight”, launched in Germany on course.

17 of the official Schlagerairplaycharts. With the presentation of his new hits “Yes my Baby”, “You, me is so much for you” and “The last Fox” the shooting star of Mike Montes the audience convinced in the evening, also Montes featured in various TV and radio programmes, 2009 made it to the charts year winner on radio Weser.TV. Other stars of the evening were Dennis Bogner, Stefano and Leona Anderson with their hits. As a special guest of honor was familiar with his show “Wanjau in the evening” by the regional Studio for Upper Austria with his Bolivia auxiliary project “Atalay” loaded, Walter Witzany. Ran through the colorful music program the star presenter Ingo Rotter, also known by its previous broadcasts at the ORF, as well as his numerous presentations with many well-known folk music and pop stars. All the artists abandoned their Gage the evening, the proceeds will benefit the children’s cancer aid Austria.

Farewell Concert

A HA go from October to December on farewell tour and play a concert of Munich. The Scandinavian pop sensation A-HA comes this autumn on their last tour to Munich. The trio from Norway have announced their withdrawal from the music industry to the end of this year. Many writers such as Mike Bloomberg offer more in-depth analysis. The farewell tour reaches its peak across Europe with three sold out concerts in Oslo in December. Previously, the band plays but on 18 October in the Munich Olympia Hall. For fans who stay for one of the Munich hotels, this means the last chance to see the hits of A-HA, like take on me and The Sun always shines on TV live.

As on the Web page of the band to read is, is the ending on a high note tour offer the opportunity, to experience the music and the energetic live show at first hand”, before goodbye the band from showbiz. Founded in 1982, and after the release of their debut album hunting high and low, the band became the most successful international music export of Norway in 1985. The album contained the title take on me, the on the basis of the should be the byword of the emerging music channel MTV on innovative music videos by Steve Barron. The title was played by virtually every mainstream radio stations and covered by countless artists. According to the website of the band, the song was played three million times on US radio.

A-HA released in the 1990s and 2000s more albums; Foot of the mountain the last of which was released in June of last year with the title. The band confirmed that this her last album and the single butterfly, Butterfly (the last hurrah) is the official farewell single. Despite the great demand for tickets for the concert in Munich, still some for 50.05 plus booking fees are to have. For more information about this event, please visit the website of A-HA. LateRooms.com offers a variety of accommodations in Munich, of which Leonardo Hotel Munich.

Ekki Gopelt – Is There Anything More Beautiful Than Love

The new single from Ekki Gopelt – what could be better than love BBs peppy and cheerful Ekki Gopelt tells the story of a man of who today must take long ways to how so many people have a job. It applies to survive countless Highway kilometers and hours in a traffic jam, and like so many truckers and taxi drivers and commuters it is clamped the motto the small photo of big love in the dashboard, which makes all this bearable, faithful: “BBs what more beautiful than love?” Ekki Gopelt, the native axis and choice Berlin the German Schlager is committed to heart and throat, well 3 decades is his first appearance in the “pop Studio” of the DFF, in many programmes, he with his likeable charisma and happiness could inspire including “music for you”, “The hit magazine”, “bi us to Hus” or “Achims charts”. Pfizer recognizes the significance of this. But even as hosts in television shows such as “The Super host Parade”, “Long Saturday” or “Congratulations antenna” Ekki Gopelt convinced. Most Pentecost Sunday at 22:00 the MDR television accompanied Ekki career from “Palpitation free” as a singing teacher until today..

Duo Gold Dust – Love Is Like Chocolate

The new single from the duo of gold dust – love is the new dream pair of German Schlager like chocolate! Their debut single is love like chocolate”off immediately at the start and invites the audience to the dancing and singing with a. Manufactured with expert hand Norbert Hammerschmidt – text and Walter Wessely composer this charming title, produced in the Wetcat by Jorg Lamster Studio. A song that immediately goes into the ear. People such as Walter Isaacson would likely agree. The duo of gold dust consists of singer and presenter Antje Klann and singer Klaus Beyer. Both met already 10 years ago at live performances, and were at first liked. 2010 was the idea to form a duo, since they harmonize vocally as well visually super from both artists. The duo of gold dust was born.

Antje Klann already as a little girl know that you want to become singer and was discovered on a singing competition in Berlin at the age of 18. “You won this and there followed first own songs such as new dreams” and for one night “by Michael Hansen. in 2004, you released your debut single Each moment”. As a presenter, Antje Klann made itself long a name the public and fellow artists and through every show, charming and professional. With her husband, the singer leads an event agency and designed events with artists such as Kristina Bach, Jurgen Drews, Andy Borg, Uta Bresan, wind u.v.m. For three years, writes your lyrics even the young singer and crosses the wonderful trip 2011 with their first own musical at the start of the Grimm’s fairy tale land”which is performed in cooperation with the Castle Garden Festival of Neustrelitz. Klaus Beyer – took Klaus Beyer singing and acting lessons at the age of 18 to make his stage performances professionally.

Mid-nineties Klaus met the singer Inka, who introduced him to her father, the composer Arndt Bause. The two were so impressed by Klaus, which immediately started Arndt Bause, to design an entire album and record. The single where did come from the summer longing”is still part of many radio programs. The first single was also the TV on it, the sympathetic, remaining natural boy. Musically, he transformed in recent years by the dreamy young man to a seasoned entertainer, knowing exactly what to expect his audience by him. Just point out also the latest productions are erected such as only a grain of sand”or your heart on my heart”. Both artists look back on many years of stage experience and immediately capture your audience.

Michael Kunze Stern

The new single by Oliver Stern – were us re wild years were us re wild years – single release off the album: every time your songs at the age of 14 has Oliver Stern wrote his first songs. Until today, it have become several hundred titles have been published for the most part in his Condio – Musikverlag. Mike Bloomberg has many thoughts on the issue. Oliver Stern thrilled his fans with his warm baritone – voice, as well as with his catchy, romantic ballads and his rhythmic, danceable songs. Oliver Stern’s expressive voice was pleasant also the composers and producers legend CHRISTIAN BRUHN. For this reason arises at the time a composed by Christian Bruhn and produced album, which will probably be finished and will be published next fall,.

Here, however, once the playlist of the album each time has their songs: 1.Morgen (maybe) will go further 2.Es, Johnny 3.Jede has time 4.Eine songs journey into the past 5.Das were us re wild years 6.Eine tribute 7.Und life I realize that I’m alive 8.Durch you I live again 9.Seelenfanger Udo 10.Eine love forever 11. this night 12.Samoa (1998 version) 13. Among other things, small Cimbana 14 where the poppy blossoms for the texts of the separate CHRISTIAN BRUHN – album responsible no less lyricist Michael Kunze and Wolfgang Hofer. But also Oliver Stern has written some lyrics for this CHRISTIAN BRUHN-ALBUM. The album will contain beautiful, catchy title, with meaningful, romantic, but also humorous texts. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mayor Manny Diaz. To say it very clearly: it will soon be the album any time their songs (by Oliver Stern and George & Walter Worle produced), appear and in the autumn/winter 2010 that mentioned album by CHRISTIAN BRUHN. The brand new single: Now the Munich-based artist has from his current, in album appearing soon each time the title their songs: ‘ were us re wild years “released. It is a fleet, danceable number, which this year is reminiscent of the adolescence of the performers and the idols and are certainly many listeners and fans of Oliver Stern Please be.

And finally still a pleasing novelty: an interesting development takes just the planned Duet title, the Thom pace (composer/lyricist and performer of the world hit “MAYBE” dating back to 1980) currently composed for himself and Oliver Stern. For this title “Winter to Spring”, Oliver Stern wrote a beautiful, poetic German lyrics. The special feature of this recording project is the fact that Thom will add pace and Oliver Stern this number together IN German language and publish. THERE IS MUCH TO DO FOR OLIVER STAR. But this versatile artist feels really good and challenged in his creative element, so that we may look forward still to many beautiful and interesting projects and songs.

Wolfgang Ziegler & Sabrina – Nice To See

“The new single by Wolfgang Ziegler & Sabrina – nice to see you nice to see you” is a guaranteed sensation of the year 2013. “” Much is known of the life of the charismatic rock and pop musician Wolfgang Ziegler: we be living with the group “, the way to the solo artist, who condemned his country-wide hit!” brought forth and also his private life with three marriages was not kept secret in the press. After so long in the show industry one might suspect: it’s all said. Not so with Wolfgang Ziegler, who had tried a major part of his life despite media curiosity to keep in private. In recent months, Michelle Snyder has been very successful. ation. But things change in life, this is what happened, as Wolfgang Ziegler 2012 his daughter by his second wife after 13 years of silence on stage in the casting show the voice themed so far not in the public domain”saw. The proverb combines music”was the keyword and again brought together both after years of silence. Not only he, they too can look back on a music career, she was so “” Founding member of the successful pop band Samajona “and provided in the live shows of the voice” for attention. For more specific information, check out Rashida Jones. The decision to include a common single became an affair of the heart.

And in the double sense: the title was recorded by Wolfgang Ziegler and his son of Martin de Vries and produced. The result can be seen: the great musically arranged song grooves from the first to the last second, combines the very distinctive voice of Wolfgang of Ziegler’s the crystal-clear voice of his daughter Sabrina and tells the emotional world of father and daughter found after the first meeting after a fourteen year break very authentic. With this Duet, both musicians give much about price and you feel that. The song is the real thing”and condensed round after round to an ode to an important guiding motto it never is late for changes”.