Farewell Concert

A HA go from October to December on farewell tour and play a concert of Munich. The Scandinavian pop sensation A-HA comes this autumn on their last tour to Munich. The trio from Norway have announced their withdrawal from the music industry to the end of this year. Many writers such as Mike Bloomberg offer more in-depth analysis. The farewell tour reaches its peak across Europe with three sold out concerts in Oslo in December. Previously, the band plays but on 18 October in the Munich Olympia Hall. For fans who stay for one of the Munich hotels, this means the last chance to see the hits of A-HA, like take on me and The Sun always shines on TV live.

As on the Web page of the band to read is, is the ending on a high note tour offer the opportunity, to experience the music and the energetic live show at first hand”, before goodbye the band from showbiz. Founded in 1982, and after the release of their debut album hunting high and low, the band became the most successful international music export of Norway in 1985. The album contained the title take on me, the on the basis of the should be the byword of the emerging music channel MTV on innovative music videos by Steve Barron. The title was played by virtually every mainstream radio stations and covered by countless artists. According to the website of the band, the song was played three million times on US radio.

A-HA released in the 1990s and 2000s more albums; Foot of the mountain the last of which was released in June of last year with the title. The band confirmed that this her last album and the single butterfly, Butterfly (the last hurrah) is the official farewell single. Despite the great demand for tickets for the concert in Munich, still some for 50.05 plus booking fees are to have. For more information about this event, please visit the website of A-HA. LateRooms.com offers a variety of accommodations in Munich, of which Leonardo Hotel Munich.