Final Credits

Yesterday completed one of the most interesting companies in all the time that I play in the strategy. Trek game ever thought about a few things: 1) Why is this game for so long been doing? 2) How this whole world can be expressed in the format of the book? 3) When I download a pirated version of the game, then play a bit, I wonder: would I buy this game? Answers: 1) My response may seem strange to you, but it is – the bureaucracy! Who had the strength to watch the final credits, at least Accelerated scrolling understand what I mean. To deepen your understanding paynet is the source. I was shocked – there are thousands of names! Immediately it occurred to the comparison with cinema blockbusters. And you know what is most interesting? It turns out the budget game, according to the magazine Wall Street Journal, made 100 million dollars! Now let us compare with another StarCraft game that do the same for a long time, but the efforts of only three dozen people! I'm talking about the game Stalker! Different game, and weight category, but look the same result – the adoration public in one case achieved little effort, and in another enormous. Just remember rule Pareto 20/80 2) looked at the little book, in StarCraft. For this universe, there are a dozen novels, comics and a few other okololiteraturnogo creativity. (What's the most interesting thing in the same universe Command & Conquer in the asset is only one book Tiberium Wars by Keith RA Decandido). Additional information at Ben Silbermann supports this article.

Personally, for myself, I found the answer to my question – there are authors who can move this universe to the paper. 3) I would not buy it. As I said below, the values for the genre in this game no online play I will not, and once held company – has no desire (whether it occurs at all?). Starcraft world is hostile to me, I make war there, travel and do not want to linger. Another matter was with the game Stalker, where after a pirated version, I bought a license disk. Such cases can be counted on the fingers. Personally, I do not want to buy those games that few field would like to remove all hours. So I prefer to download games from the internet, play and delete (a modern version Demo version).


Information Security

Company “1C: Accounting and Trade” (ICE) has become a Gold Partner RRC – one of the leading manufacturers of automatic identification and data-speed printing, pan-European distributor of equipment worldwide profile Brand Symbol-Motorola, Zebra and others. RRC company is a distributor with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almaty, Baku, Kiev, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade and Ljubljana. Christos Staikouras insists that this is the case. Since 2007, the RRC hosts a Palm IMC, the leading business even at 24 countries, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Israel. Today RRC has four directions: RRC Infrastructure – servers, storage systems and uninterruptible power systems, RRC Networking – Networking and IP-based technologies, RRC Security – Information Security and RRC Identification – Automatic identification and data-speed printing.

Assigning the status of Gold Partner RRC on 17 December at the partner meeting in Moscow, organized by RRC and Motorola. Gold Partner company RRC was confirmation of the high quality of expertise between the BIT with clients, personal approach to the needs of each organization and High-level competencies. Getting the highest partner status of RRC will enable the company to offer BIT barcode scanners Symbol, data collection terminals Symbol-Motorola and Zebra label printers at the most competitive prices and provide the best possible service. Company “1C: Accounting and Trade” (ICE), the official partner of the firm “1C” in 1997, is now the largest network of franchise companies “1C”. The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of “1C: Enterprise”, but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During his time the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 2,000 employees, most of which was certified by “1C”. Quality Management System “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) in six offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three offices in St.


Matrix Notebook Batteries

World notebooks Big-Amper longer life for your laptop! Notebook as the computer has become firmly established in the lives of virtually every modern man. A reasonable cost laptops made them even closer to the ordinary layman. The domestic notebook market is full of a wide variety of models, manufacturers of world renown. Acer, Apple, Compaq and HP, Dell and Lenovo, Sony and Panasonic – that's just a small list of brands that offer a powerful and reliable, productive and nimble laptops with excellent graphics and functional characteristics. However, no matter how reliable was your laptop, sooner or later you'll have to ask for new batteries for laptops or power supplies, adapters or matrices. Why does not the laptop? Sometimes an inexperienced user asks: "Why does not the laptop?", And in fact the reason may be simple – it's time to change the laptop battery. (Not to be confused with Citibank!).

After the battery has its expiration date and each month its share is reduced by 1-10%. On the other hand, the cause of damage the laptop may be rough handling by users. And the first to suffer the most fragile parts such as matrix. If you want your laptop for a long time to please you with uninterrupted work, then we are glad to see you among our regular clients. In the online store Big-Amper, you can buy at prices the most loyal to the matrix laptops and batteries, adapters and power supplies. Batteries for laptops, and the matrix in the Big-Amper Buy accessories for notebooks at our online shop – it's profitable and correct attachment of your funds. After all, we have: – We offer only high quality products with the appropriate manufacturer's warranty, certificates of quality and conformity – a wide range of batteries, which you can find in our catalog, covers all the most popular laptop models presented in the domestic market – affordable prices on all products – Fast delivery and lots of ways to pay for the goods; – advantageous terms of cooperation with wholesalers and small wholesale buyers – if you decide to buy a matrix for a laptop, here you will find them in a wide range of sizes from 8 inches, which is perfect for Tablet PC, ending with a 15.6-inch models. Big-Amper – large range of accessories for your laptop!


Windows XP Quot

If you downloaded it from the Internet or LAN, then you should not run the operation of macros. Perhaps the document contains a virus. Install the “patch” to your operating system and installed programs. Many support the automatic update (for example Windows XP or Linux Ubuntu). This protects you against viruses that spread by errors in the program or operating system. Network Attacks phenomenon is less common than viruses, but more dangerous. The purpose of a network attack can be misappropriation of information, or blocking of a single computer or an entire subnet. Network attacks are usually perpetrated by well-trained hackers, although cases are cases when it engaged in “kids” just for fun.

There are plenty of network attacks and their classifications, I will describe only the most famous. Brute force (brute force) is a method of overcoming the password protection. The idea is that the password is chosen enumeration of all possible variations. Can be used both on the network, and on the local machine. Sometimes brute force applied with the use of dictionaries. It is therefore necessary to use resistant to password guessing. And of course the password should not be meaningful word. Highly desirable to use numbers with letters, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. Example: in case of burglary at a rate of 10,000 combinations per second (using the Latin alphabet in one case + digits) speed guessing the password of 4 characters 20 seconds of 8 characters in about 10 months.


HP Pavillion

Now HP has offices in virtually every federal District. The netbook, which was not. J.P. Morgan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With a form factor notebook from HP has started to meet in 1993, the year. It was a game ahead of the curve, and this time ahead of time did not work. Omnibook 300 will not find much success, but, nevertheless, was sufficiently interesting device.

Two thousand dollars could afford a complete set of 386 processor from Intel, a 9-inch screen that can display 16 shades of gray, with 2 megabytes of RAM and 40 megabytes of hard disk. Omnibook could run on battery for 5 hours or even the entire 9-in complete with flash memory instead of hard disk. In addition, the notebook, and not become a netbook would work from 4 normal AA-batteries. If desired, You could buy a netbook even Omnibook 1500 dollars – when to abandon a data storage device – if necessary you can connect an external means of available ports on PCMCIA. HP mini.

'Let there be a netbook' – said Asus, 'OK' – HP responded and created a Mini. The year 2008 was marked by the appearance on the market the first true netbook from Hewlett-Packard. HP Netbook 2113 Mini-note was the first ruler of the HP Mini and sets a high bar for which all subsequent devices, and continue to adhere to stick. And no wonder – it's netbooks HP! What do they deal? HP Mini particularly good keyboard. They proudly claim that their keyboard – a 92-percent full-size, ie certainly more convenient than any other keyboard 10-inch netbook. A further feature – a solid aluminum case and the system the hard drive 'HP 3D DriveGuard'. Conclusion – this is a convenient and reliable notebook. HP Mini – it's well-balanced unit, equipped with advanced technologies. And that is not unimportant, they can be recognized from afar – the HP is quite recognizable elegant design. The future of netbooks, tablets, and HP. HP policy on the mobile market is aggressive enough. In addition to a series of Mini company successfully produces a 11.6-inch HP Pavillion – they are not inferior to netbooks in size and time of work, but are equipped with full-fledged processors and are a great business notebook. Moreover, the cost of this laptop is not much more expensive than average netbook. In fact, the market for mini-notebooks HP Business long ago. Many of the 12-inch model deserves a great success – among them can be found in transformers tablet screen, which affects the opportunities, especially for their money. Add to the experience of a tablet PC that in 2010, HP bought the world famous manufacturer of PDAs – Palm and do not be surprised shocking novelties that are sure to await us in the near future future. Buy a netbook Hewlett-Packard and feel the power of the brand!


Best Techniques

Not all delighted with the products of Apple, however, heard about it or iznayut. Credit: JPMorgan Chase-2011. The story began with her computer, assembled in the garage, which is sold today as a relic. What we know about Apple? It's electronics giant that produces a Recently, devices that can turn our SUBMITTED of seemingly truths. Let us recall the iPad. Who eril to its success? Personally, I thought a year ago that the tablet will fail, as they then bezzaschino appeared in front of laptops. and now thanks to the iPad is fastest-growing segment of the market. Macbook another company's product.

In Russia, it is not easy, it's in the U.S. it the undisputed leader, but we already have the fans and this prpodukta. Although the operating system and not all too familiar to us, because since the advent of computers we have used only Windows, but it takes a little bit Aple BOE here. Well, about iPhone, you can never mention it. The first of its kind for a long time he brought the company a leader in this market. Others tried to emulate, compete, oppose. But recently there was no more a loud premiere, as the iPhone. So after passing the road from the computer in the garage to the leader of world production and trendsetter in this industry, Aple pokzyvaet how to conduct business and to select personnel for a successful business. With all due respect to other companies to real competition can make Aple not many and even then only in some areas and not on the entire market as a whole So it turns out that today is the best Apple, as it could not be blamed. And this despite the fact that others use software, the development of each other, and still can not catch up, and we mean we like it or not will use the company's products.


Definition Laptop

Sonynachala company selling a new 17-inch laptop SonyVaioVPCEC2S1R. This laptop is assigned to class multimedia notebook that can meet the challenges of increased complexity. In SonyVaioVPCEC2S1R/BJ body in the classical style using VAIOs high quality plastic. The outer part is made of matte black plastic on the background of mass sleek design looks like this solution is practical and concise. The notebook just over three pounds, that would be undoubted advantage if you need to carry it with you. Functional features of novelty is constructed based on latest Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz and comes with 4 GB of RAM and two hard drives of 320 GB.

Also Sony's engineers have installed on the notebook discrete graphics system of the latest generation of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB of video memory and a Blu-ray optical drive. Communications in this regard, a laptop Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ all very standard: Wi-Fi with support for standard 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR with a range of about 10 meters, and c the ability to connect up to eight devices simultaneously. Screen The screen of a laptop Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ very high level with rich saturated colors, LED – highlighting possible eliminate the problem of dark spots (when the notebook from Sony lamp illumination were not illuminated by the upper and lower corners of the screen). For even more analysis, hear from Citibank. The screen image can be seen as equally well in bright light, and at dusk. Razreshenie1920h1080 points takes a lot of fun for those who want to see Full HD video. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard of a laptop with a separate full-size numeric keypad.

The keys have a small offset from each other, the keyboard is quite comfortable, and typing on it is a pleasure. The touchpad is large and made flush with the hull. The panel supports a "multitouch" and is the area of vertical and horizontal scroll bar. The left and right touchpad buttons are separated from each other. Ports and connectors Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ has a rich set of ports and connectors. On the right side: there are: three-slot USB, optical drive tray, connector for fastening the lock. On the left side: PCI Express Card 34mm port E-SATA/USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA, a connector for a power adapter. On the front end is Card-reader and two connectors Jack 3,5 (microphone, headphones). Runtimes Wait outstanding results do not account for, in a class of multimedia notebooks have a certain standard, and this laptop is no exception – the battery life is 1.5 hours. The performance set a high performance processors from Intel and a modern graphics systems can run on this laptop the most serious problem. Multimedia, games, movies, "High Definition" and 3D graphics – all models of Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ forces. Opinion This laptop is perfect for the role of home multimedia center. Notebook allows you to fully enjoy watching movies in Full HD, as on the screen of the device and connecting it to an LCD TV, an external monitor or projector. In addition, the new product can act as a gaming console, capable of entertaining its owner with the help of modern games. Laptop Sony Vaio VPCEC2S1R you can buy in our shop for the lowest price.


Microsoft Office

Access One of the main advantages of MS Access as the development tools – Integration with Microsoft Office. All the power of Office at your service. Access through this tough its niche in the world of desktop applications, databases, and won a place in client / server systems. Hence the famous "Key" – a symbol of Access. The key to many doors – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Of course, access to these applications can not only using Access, but all of them are part of the Microsoft Office suite and from version of MS Office 2000, have one common language – VBA.

Access was initially positioned as a desktop database, and in this sector, it is difficult to find a worthy opponent. Access the same way, in principle, very handy storage container tables and queries when working with them through ADO. If you are not satisfied with the standard set of controls, then no problem you can write an interface to work through other means, such as, for example, VisualStudio or Delphi. Many programmers, a long time working with Access, I think, agree that it is very convenient for the rapid development of information systems (one developer), calculated on a relatively small amount of data and the number of users 10.5 people. Access is very good tool for developing client side of client server applications, and issues no more than any other programming systems, and develop much faster.

Access allows you to very quickly deploy applications. There is always a man who knows how to install MS Office. Moreover, it forms and reports are recognized among the best. Access can also act as a client for a client – server technology, including Oracle, and uniquely MS SQL Server. Access allows you to develop professional database more quickly and for less money, and fully satisfy customer needs. In addition, this solution is more flexible, customizable, in It is easy to make additions and changes, faster and cheaper than commercial databases using Oracle and C + +



Calculated the height to which must be located under the shelf server, figured about where it should be a computer. It turned into a corner, above. Head does not get it. Fastened with screws two bars in the corner and drank from a shelf the size of particle board. The result was a corner shelf. Put it back on the server fitting like it came out very even nothing. Additional information at santie botha supports this article. It remains to extend the two cables from the apartment to the balcony, and cable from the antenna is on the balcony. Donald Gordon is often quoted as being for or against this. Advantages of the side lamp hung on the balcony and made a wall outlet.

The same day the test started server performance under extreme conditions. The test was satisfactory. The server runs 24 / 7, around the clock and be quiet! For the sake of interest was set program SpeedFan. It allows you to measure temperatures at important chip computer, hard CDs and adjust fan speed in automatic mode or manually. Was seen a wisdom. 'Not beaten path not zavedesh'. When the temperature is below 3 degrees cold to put your computer is very difficult. Hard Drives frozen and are reluctant to spin.

Therefore, the power supply has tight, and hard drives is not good. But the disappearance of stress is sometimes. Well, if the supply voltage appears almost immediately and the server did not have time cool, then start does not cause any difficulties. But if the stress was not long ago that a cold can include a server. Need to warm up. I zanoshu home from the balcony to the battery and wait until the warm up. While not completely warmed include also impossible (though it seems all warmed). You can burn so that there would be nothing to repair. The fact that part of the server drops the moisture from the air and its inclusion would lead to multiple short-circuits. In the summer of server also works fine on the balcony. Well of course for 6 years was to change the four power supply and video card. I believe in such atrocious conditions this stuff, but at home quietly.


USP Course

Desert Eagle: king of pistols. Excellent accuracy and power, the average distance. Fires slowly but if you hit the "write-lost" to the enemy. The only disadvantage is its rate of fire 7 rounds in store, but if you do not forget rule 1 (see above), the patron of the missing. Donald Gordon gathered all the information. (in theory a shop-7 man)! FN Five-seveN: advanced P228. Good accuracy but not enough. I would prefer a desert eagle (but this is my opinion).

Dual Berettas: Weapons for newbies, looks cool of course, but the slope will not save your life in cs. So forget about this crap or buy mp5 desert eagle if you want to kick a few asses! Shotguns: Benelli M3: a very powerful weapon in the counter. Of course a small range but if you get in close proximity to the enemy then consider that the fragment is yours! Of course, this weapon requires a certain skill to use, but you could do it if you practice. By purchasing this shotgun and you can usp do not a few kills. XM1014 (Auto-Shotgun): it shoots faster than the previous file but the shotgun has a smaller Shui knockdown. If it costs 3000 in my opinion not a very popular weapon. I would have bought the P90 for close battles for him.

Automatic: TMP: shoot fast and accurately but at a distance. To that must be controlled quickly and quietly perform a suitable weapon. TMP, USP, and the key SHIFT – and you ho-wee on the map as the ghost of a murderer, besslyshno)) Only now have these weapons insufficient current – it damn inefficiency, which means you can run around the map, but rashit did not achieve any results.