Microsoft Office

Access One of the main advantages of MS Access as the development tools – Integration with Microsoft Office. All the power of Office at your service. Access through this tough its niche in the world of desktop applications, databases, and won a place in client / server systems. Hence the famous "Key" – a symbol of Access. The key to many doors – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Of course, access to these applications can not only using Access, but all of them are part of the Microsoft Office suite and from version of MS Office 2000, have one common language – VBA.

Access was initially positioned as a desktop database, and in this sector, it is difficult to find a worthy opponent. Access the same way, in principle, very handy storage container tables and queries when working with them through ADO. If you are not satisfied with the standard set of controls, then no problem you can write an interface to work through other means, such as, for example, VisualStudio or Delphi. Many programmers, a long time working with Access, I think, agree that it is very convenient for the rapid development of information systems (one developer), calculated on a relatively small amount of data and the number of users 10.5 people. Access is very good tool for developing client side of client server applications, and issues no more than any other programming systems, and develop much faster.

Access allows you to very quickly deploy applications. There is always a man who knows how to install MS Office. Moreover, it forms and reports are recognized among the best. Access can also act as a client for a client – server technology, including Oracle, and uniquely MS SQL Server. Access allows you to develop professional database more quickly and for less money, and fully satisfy customer needs. In addition, this solution is more flexible, customizable, in It is easy to make additions and changes, faster and cheaper than commercial databases using Oracle and C + +