Calculated the height to which must be located under the shelf server, figured about where it should be a computer. It turned into a corner, above. Head does not get it. Fastened with screws two bars in the corner and drank from a shelf the size of particle board. The result was a corner shelf. Put it back on the server fitting like it came out very even nothing. Additional information at santie botha supports this article. It remains to extend the two cables from the apartment to the balcony, and cable from the antenna is on the balcony. Donald Gordon is often quoted as being for or against this. Advantages of the side lamp hung on the balcony and made a wall outlet.

The same day the test started server performance under extreme conditions. The test was satisfactory. The server runs 24 / 7, around the clock and be quiet! For the sake of interest was set program SpeedFan. It allows you to measure temperatures at important chip computer, hard CDs and adjust fan speed in automatic mode or manually. Was seen a wisdom. 'Not beaten path not zavedesh'. When the temperature is below 3 degrees cold to put your computer is very difficult. Hard Drives frozen and are reluctant to spin.

Therefore, the power supply has tight, and hard drives is not good. But the disappearance of stress is sometimes. Well, if the supply voltage appears almost immediately and the server did not have time cool, then start does not cause any difficulties. But if the stress was not long ago that a cold can include a server. Need to warm up. I zanoshu home from the balcony to the battery and wait until the warm up. While not completely warmed include also impossible (though it seems all warmed). You can burn so that there would be nothing to repair. The fact that part of the server drops the moisture from the air and its inclusion would lead to multiple short-circuits. In the summer of server also works fine on the balcony. Well of course for 6 years was to change the four power supply and video card. I believe in such atrocious conditions this stuff, but at home quietly.