Grew Up In Mecklenburg

My new book about my children and teens, my book is a cheerful looking back on my childhood and my adolescence I spent in a small village in Mecklenburg. Now you might think, what’s already special about it? At first glance, maybe nothing. But just where you’d expect little, the greatest things take place often. Life was currently there yet quite simplistic. The best conditions to experience many bankruptcies and breakdowns you have felt by the way was not so exhilarating. It was not just funny, pinched his foot in the spokes of a bicycle, sitting on the luggage rack.

What do you think it is to fall, which is still full of frog spawn with his bike in the pond. Interesting also the first experiences with Cigarrettes and alcohol. Or it was very annoying that you are an eternity not dared, to give his girlfriend the first kiss. Also the trouble there, when we made a campfire in a cave from straw bundles, was not really funny. Then there was the pranks, so has been teaching and of course the corresponding sanctions resulting from it. Wild camping on a nude beach with thousands of mosquitoes.

The adventurous journey on the train from Dresden to Mecklenburg in the chaos-winter 1978 and later “digging out” of our village from the snow or transport of a goat in the Trabant. There was enough experience, which is worthwhile to report it. Some was really annoying and quite unbearable for me. From today’s perspective, however, you can smile more in. And believe me, there were enough situations in all my adult stations becoming. But read it yourself please.

New Release Poetry Book

The Weingarten author gives his poetry debut with the band published in poetry of the number 21. “After his prose poetry children’s Theatre”, will appear with life is a hit list “the first volume of poetry of the Weingarten author Stefan Kleiber. Between family, football pitch and Metalkonzert, even lovable, even quirky snapshots that he kept as a lyrical evergreens for memory succeed the 45-year father of three daughters. Read more from Melinda Gates to gain a more clear picture of the situation. With a self-deprecating wink, he makes a rhyme on big or small mishaps of everyday life; also the traditional love-hate relationship between he takes “Badensern”and”Schwabensern” in his poems on the grain. Its ability to detect common autobiographical episodes combines with a fine sense for the musicality of language. So, Stefan Kleiber is a poetic monument human strengths and weaknesses in charming and honest manner.

Life is a hit list”is already 63. band in the poetry Pope” Anton G. Leitner carefully lektorierten and composed poetry series 21, which presents remarkable contemporary poetry and lyrical debuts. Excerpt: On the ground remain so long no street bears my name, I am one who sweeps them easy.

Christmas – Sales And Contemplation

Book baton and contemplation on the rise Christmas sales brought huge profits. German mgen the contemplation to Christmas. For more specific information, check out The Capitol. Copenhagen/Denmark. Christmas time, the time of gift-giving, the contemplation in the family circle and the big sales. Financial crisis no one talks about more than ever because the holiday shopping season as well. On the gaming market, there is a high season.

On average, gets every child in Germany Christmas gifts to the value of 240, has calculated the Federal Association of toy retailers. This year, the Germans buy so many Christmas presents on the Internet like never before. In the last two months of the year, are the German Internet senders a record turnover of 3.1 billion achieve expected to – 15 per cent more than in the previous year, established the Federal Association of the German mail order company (BVH). A Merry feast with the family with a traditional feast day feast includes not only among our politicians to a good Christmas. Ceremonies into coziness with the whole family, be level parts are essential. Full stand up on the gift list books: 57 percent of consumers are planning to give away literature. These are results of a study of the audit and consulting firm Ernst & young.

The days between the years give the time and the rest to the return, you will find time to read a book sometime. Offered a new vision of life”by L. Ron Hubbard. The following quote from this Book: suitable for Christmas “on the day when we completely trust each other, peace on Earth will be.” We wish everyone a Merry Christmas with all my heart. Dr. Lothar Kamal

Genetically Modified Food (November 2010)

New book released! Title: genetically modified food: trade regulation in view of environmental policy objectives author: Marie Kreipe content The controversial issue of genetically modified (GM) food is discussed in this book. While the United States (US) is a strong supporter of GM technology having adopted a rather lax regulation of trade with GM products, the European Union (EU) is representing a sceptical position towards this new technology and has even imposed a de facto moratorium on Ford manufacturing approval of GM products from 1998 to 2004. The purpose of this book is on extensive analysis of the current status on risks and benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and a suggestion on how to appropriate regulation of GM products could be derived. Potential guidelines are provided for policy formulation in both a qualitative and a quantitative dimension. The US is applying the principle of substantial equivalence, which means that GM products are in their substance identical to products produced by conventional methods.

Therefore, no new regulations are necessary for the trade with GM products. In contrast, the European Union (EU) disagrees that GM products are equivalent to their conventional counterparts of due to the different production process. Instead, the EU refers to the precautionary principle in its GMO policy, meaning trade with GM products that should’nt be restricted until it will be proven that no additional risks are implied by the use of these products. The divergence of opinions about the right policy to regulate GM products has significant impacts on trade flows and welfare effects. The US and the EU have already tried to resolve their dispute before the World Trade Organization (WTO). Relevant laws of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) and the WTO are presented as well as indications for a potential consensus.

Only reality worse satirical novel about book making the novel or widows “is a biting social satire of full thrusting, uberspitzter comedy. A book where you can loudly laugh although there is actually nothing to laugh for the protagonist of Klara Fritz. A dream comes true! Finally independently! Fits very well, because Klara Fritz has lost just their job at the local newspaper. Set up a small publishing house and a book lay, is connected with some difficulty, which was not to be expected. But with the blast book of the charismatic author of Gertrud Walpole, supposedly devouring all, nothing can go wrong. She didn’t know it from a dream into a nightmare? The manuscript is bad, the author conceited and arrogant.

And all the others? Bankers, advertisers, journalists, booksellers and even best friends are arrogant, selfish, uninterested, and also still very bad advice. Full of biting humor. A biting social satire is full of novel ‘or widows’ thrusting, uberspitzter comedy. A book where you can loudly laugh even though there is actually nothing to laugh for Klara Fritz. And the best for the end because the reality is not very different than the fiction, is incredible! Klara Fritz gets out of the book and opened as the first heroine in her own blog. On, she writes something like an online continuation of the novel. Of course, the other characters of the book come to Word. A brilliant marketing idea? Celebrities from various fields of life, after all, is already interested in the book Tippi Lisander or WIDOWS novel 26.90 CH for more information also see Michael Wagner, 220 pages, paperback ISBN 978-3-941032-06-4 14.90 D / 15.40 A

Jesus On The Subject Of

‘ The miraculous multiplication of bread and the feeding the five thousand in Wadi it Samak? Well, Yes, in fact there were five hundred people and it was fish instead of bread… Well anyway, that all of the people in a way was interpreted and mixed with my sermons, that it came to be that they wanted to make me their King in the fight against the ruling Romans. The soul of people cooked, because the execution of John the Baptist, so high after my sermon and the power that I sent my disciples in a boat and over the water in safety. I was left alone and tried to calm the people. That failed me but and so I also brought me to safety. I fled to the mountains, on the road to Bethsaida to go, where I wanted to meet me again with my disciples. They had great difficulty to come across the Lake with 12 adult men in a boat. Because they had strong headwinds, they could not put their sailing.

Since only four paddles on board and with up to two Meters to fight high waves had, they needed forever, until they reached their destination. I progressed quickly and arrived at the jetty, just before their boat in sight came. When they saw me, they were scared at first because they thought to see my spirit. You might not agree, why I was already there. And then it looked like because of the high waves off their boat, as if I would be standing on the bridge, but on the water. And voila… the legend of the water course was born. ” “Excerpt from smile with love / smile with love” paperback 142 pages of the Publishing House of Camino live under the ISBN 9783000330001 at the price of EUR 9.90.

Audiobook New Publication

“Wedding stories on the high-quality Digipac audiobook new CD: in love, engaged, married” – wedding stories can be also entertaining on CD of the stylish wedding story, shows the Berlin audiobook Publisher of original sound production with his new release “in love, engaged, married”. This CD is in the series lifestyle to listen”appeared, which is well known to lovers of sophisticated anthologies to listen. The audiobook is subtitled publishes stories and poems for couples who dare”impresses with its elaborate design. The Publisher has opted for a high-quality Digipac (cardboard fold-out box) and the cover is smart and modern in design. Official site: Morgan Stanley. Really convincing, and that is the remarkable thing about this publication, are the three offerings.

The listeners who want to hear more after 78 minutes, can download for free another story on the homepage of the publishing house. Also a ring size card is suitable to the theme of the CD, the right choice of the ring should be so be a problem any more. A creative arc, which you also can download free is on the Publisher side is particularly appealing. With a little skill, this bow to a slip-case can be together and equipped with personal wishes for the bride and groom. So, this CD is an ideal gift for lovers and fiancee. The stories and poems in this anthology are carefully selected. Kurt Tucholsky, Anton Cechov, Frank Wedekind, and Joachim Ringelnatz are only a few guests”this illustrious wedding party. With much sensitivity speaker duo Nadja Schulz Berlinghoff and uve Teschner has read the texts and so we say to this CD clearly: Yes, I do! The audio book “in love, engaged, married” (ISBN 978-3-9813364-5-0) is now in bookstores, and as a download from the major portals available. For more information, contact us or visit our homepage. O-ton production Francois Smesny Erich-Weinert-Strasse 17 10439 Berlin tel/fax: 030-43 73 41 21 mobile: 0178-459-64 17

Puhdys The Book Adventure PUHDYS

“The presentation of the book the PUHDYS in the cinema Babylon presents the legendary East rock band PUHDYS for the 40th anniversary of the band passionately authentic biography adventure PUHDYS”. “” In the Babylon cinema in Berlin-Mitte read the protagonists of the band, mounted the ur-PUHDY Peter “Meyer and the head Dieter machine” birr from the book from the Publisher of new life. They were supported at the questions from the fans through the two PUHDYS musician Klaus Schwarfschwerdt and Peter Bimbo”Rasym. Dieter Quaster”Hertrampf read to apologize. The book designed with lots of interesting photos told from the beginning, and by the action of the PUHDYS with a variety of musicians. C. Cretors & Co. is likely to increase your knowledge.

So we learn that the former Carat singer Herbert Dreilich, before it went off with the right PUHDYS on November 19, 1969 at the Tivoli in Freiberg, was represented at the ur-Puhdys cast. The song repertoire at the dances included at that time all 15 songs. After the langharrigen certified musicians at the beginning of their musical identity with international “” “Rock covers of deep purple, shocking blue and Uriah Heep searched for, the PUHDYS breakthrough came in 1973 with the DEFA film the legend of Paul and Paula” and which was followed by the still popular German-language hits of happiness, love and death if a man lives “and go to her”, many AMIGA disks. Since 1980, machine wrote”the texts. After the 20-year-old honored with the prize, DDR career, which led the PUHDYS often also in the Socialist and also known as capitalist countries (since 1974), a short-term resolution of the PUHDYS in the turn of the year 1989 and the brilliant official comeback in 1992, the musicians are probably still years until the retirement of their rocker”, as it is called in a song, play.

Particularly sympathetic the PUHDYS represent themselves, if they do not deny their GDR past and their system adjustments to the promotion of culture, but also not glorify. The band members show up in the book with their strengths and weaknesses, tell the partly interesting histories of their nickname and betrayed too much intimate from their different ways of life. So they tell from their childhood and youth, fears, love and vices. Of course, not the interesting stories that have experienced particularly yet during GDR times, the PUHDYS as band, missing. Thus they become tangible again a piece for fans. The PUHDYS described her secret is that she effectively bring simple material to the point and form and content form a closed unit, as fitted”philosophizes at the book launch. Is still very creative casting machine”, the best musical and human mix of the band members and a good long-term management (multi type). Mario Adorf, who played with the PUHDYS in a movie, write a friendly book preface. The book is in design and text a contemporary document and appealing work of art, the is a nice addition to the of course unforgettable live performances of the band, as last, the 40-year-old Gala concert on January 1, 2009 in the o2 world occupied with 13,000 fans. is! The PUHDYS sing of the polar bear, which they want to see, the fans want to see the PUHDYS mainly but still long! “” Thomas Moser – Baird-press ( for the book: adventure of Puhdys “320 pages, bound with many, partially colored illustrations, 19.90 ISBN 978-3-355-01755-8 Publisher new life” into the Eulenspiegel Publishing Group published by Angela Kaiser and Christian Hentschel links: and

Pocketbook On The Famous Aviatrix Thea Swift

Short biography of the first German woman with art Unna – the first German woman with art ticket ticket was the journalist Thea Rasche (1899-1971). Also the honor to have made the first solo flight by a woman in Germany after the first world war deserves. It was considered one of the most internationally-known passengers of all time. The small but fine paperback Thea Rasche. The flying Lady”of the Wiesbaden author Ernst Probst portrays the life of this famous aviatrix, who comes from Unna in Westphalia, and grew up in food. The title Thea Rasche.

The flying Lady”at grin for academic texts” appeared and at the Internet address e-book/144836/thea-quick as a printed paperback or electronic E-book in PDF format available. The paperback is the E-book 9.99 Euros 4.99. The paperback will be available soon also in about 1,000 online book hops like Amazon,, and Libri -. When GRIN”more Pocket Books and E-books by Ernst Probst appear on famous Why, balloon racers, Luftschifferinnen and parachute jumpers like Liesel, Melli Beese, Elly Beinhorn, Vera von Bissing, Marga von Etzdorf, Luise Hoffmann, Rita m Castle, Kathe Paulus, Wilhelmine Reichard, Hanna Reitsch, Lisl Schwab, Melitta Schenk Grafin von Stauffenberg, Sabine Trube and Beate Uhse. Contact: Ernst Probst journalist and author In the Lake 11 55246 Wiesbaden phone: 06134/21152 E-Mail: ernst.probst (at) Internet: books by seriously the Wiesbaden science writer Ernst Probst has published around 50 books. He wrote especially popular science works and biographies of famous men and women.

Popular science: Germany in prehistoric times, Germany in the stone age, Germany in the bronze age, records of prehistoric records of prehistoric men, dinosaur in Germany (along with Raymund Windolf), the ur-Rhine, Hohlenlowen, archaeopteryx, Saber-toothed Cats, the cave bear, the bronze age, the Aunjetitz culture, the Santiago culture, the Adler group, the Barrows bronze age the Luneburg group in the bronze age, Stader group in the bronze age, the Nordic bronze age culture, the culture of the URN fields, the Lusatian culture cryptozoology: ape man, NESSIE. The monster book of monsters on the track, sea monster biographies: 14 paperback books about Super women, Queen of the skies, Queens of the dance, Super women from the Wild West, of Black Peter. A robber from the Hunsruck and Odenwald, my words are like the stars. The speech of the Chief Seattle and other American Indian wisdom (with Sonja Probst), numerous short biographies of famous passengers by Liesel Bach up to Beate Uhse aphorisms: the ball is a Sauhund, words are like weapons (both are together with Doris Probst this title at grin for academic texts”published and available in about 1,000 online book shops as well as in any good Bookstore.)

The Magazine The Winner

Germany’s new superstar: Mehrzad Marashi Germany has his new superstar and found in the exciting finale of all time: Mehrzad Marashi! He is number one in 35,000 candidates. At the finish line Mehrzad Marashi prevailed with 56.4 percent of the vote against Menowin Frohlich. Everything for the finale and much more is available in the new American Idol magazine. Gutersloh (mf). In the fourth American Idol magazine the heart-stopping of the year and the big winner of American Idol revolves around 2010. We take a look back on Mehrzads away from the casting in Hamburg to the big showdown in Cologne and show that the jury in the recall had the right idea: “you’re one of the best! We exclusively reveal the American Idol final night still was as exciting and as the ex-candidates have responded to Mehrzads victory, in XXL-final-special.

Plus: juror Volker Neumuller tells in the interview, what about the new winner’s coming in the next few weeks, and makes it clear: this is really hard work and not only in the first year. Still top secret: In the great American Idol-winner-talk reveals Mehrzad, whom he his winners single don’t believe “is dedicated to. Other highlights: Poster: eight exclusive designs! Take the test: how well do you know the new superstar? Back to the future: what does the ex-champion today and what have the ex-candidates of this year’s season for plans? Mottshow 8: So exciting was the semi-finals! Ask Nina: the most exciting American Idol questions, answered by Nina Moghaddam Germany sucht den superstar, the official magazine “is once again a must-have for all fans! The final output is available from 22 April anywhere in the trade!