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Germany’s new superstar: Mehrzad Marashi Germany has his new superstar and found in the exciting finale of all time: Mehrzad Marashi! He is number one in 35,000 candidates. At the finish line Mehrzad Marashi prevailed with 56.4 percent of the vote against Menowin Frohlich. Everything for the finale and much more is available in the new American Idol magazine. Gutersloh (mf). In the fourth American Idol magazine the heart-stopping of the year and the big winner of American Idol revolves around 2010. We take a look back on Mehrzads away from the casting in Hamburg to the big showdown in Cologne and show that the jury in the recall had the right idea: “you’re one of the best! We exclusively reveal the American Idol final night still was as exciting and as the ex-candidates have responded to Mehrzads victory, in XXL-final-special.

Plus: juror Volker Neumuller tells in the interview, what about the new winner’s coming in the next few weeks, and makes it clear: this is really hard work and not only in the first year. Still top secret: In the great American Idol-winner-talk reveals Mehrzad, whom he his winners single don’t believe “is dedicated to. Other highlights: Poster: eight exclusive designs! Take the test: how well do you know the new superstar? Back to the future: what does the ex-champion today and what have the ex-candidates of this year’s season for plans? Mottshow 8: So exciting was the semi-finals! Ask Nina: the most exciting American Idol questions, answered by Nina Moghaddam Germany sucht den superstar, the official magazine “is once again a must-have for all fans! The final output is available from 22 April anywhere in the trade!