Grew Up In Mecklenburg

My new book about my children and teens, my book is a cheerful looking back on my childhood and my adolescence I spent in a small village in Mecklenburg. Now you might think, what’s already special about it? At first glance, maybe nothing. But just where you’d expect little, the greatest things take place often. Life was currently there yet quite simplistic. The best conditions to experience many bankruptcies and breakdowns you have felt by the way was not so exhilarating. It was not just funny, pinched his foot in the spokes of a bicycle, sitting on the luggage rack.

What do you think it is to fall, which is still full of frog spawn with his bike in the pond. Interesting also the first experiences with Cigarrettes and alcohol. Or it was very annoying that you are an eternity not dared, to give his girlfriend the first kiss. Also the trouble there, when we made a campfire in a cave from straw bundles, was not really funny. Then there was the pranks, so has been teaching and of course the corresponding sanctions resulting from it. Wild camping on a nude beach with thousands of mosquitoes.

The adventurous journey on the train from Dresden to Mecklenburg in the chaos-winter 1978 and later “digging out” of our village from the snow or transport of a goat in the Trabant. There was enough experience, which is worthwhile to report it. Some was really annoying and quite unbearable for me. From today’s perspective, however, you can smile more in. And believe me, there were enough situations in all my adult stations becoming. But read it yourself please.