Laser Medicine August

Individual questions direct, competent responses by expert Dr. UTA Castle Hall with Macrolane body shaping causes immediate, discreet results without long downtime or expensive surgery. But what treatments may be accomplished with Macrolane? Am I eligible for this treatment? What should I do? How long does the effect? The expert chat: 24 August September 03, 2010 from August 24 to September 3 the longstanding Macrolane is expert Dr. UTA Castle Hall from Cologne live around all individual questions on Facebook the product and treatment answer: Tue, August 24, 2010 from 7: 00: focus on neckline Fri, August 27, 2010 from 3: 00: focus scar correction Tue, August 31, 2010 from 7: 00: focus on hands Fri, 03.09.2010 from 10: 00: Focus on defects of the skin E.g. Ben Silbermann can provide more clarity in the matter. dimples after liposuction to the person of Dr.

UTA Castle Hall: specialist in dermatology, venereology and Allergology, Laser Medicine, aesthetic Dermatology anti aging: study of medicine in Berlin experienced international consultant in the field of aesthetic Dermatology member in various medical societies since mid / late 1990s focused on minimally invasive aesthetic treatments of face user 1 hour”: Mrs. Dr. Castle Hall has a high treatment experience in the field of body contouring. Macrolane stands for the restoration of volume and contouring of body surfaces, E.g. shaping the breast or buttocks, the correction of volume defects and scars. Macrolane is a clear gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid – a bodily substance that is responsible for the water binding and so contributes, subtly shape the body and maintain the youthful volume in the body.

Immediate, long-lasting results without expensive surgery obtained with Macrolane. While the gel using a needle is injected there under the skin where the volume is required. The advantage compared to surgery: treatment can as an outpatient with local anesthesia in about 30 60 minutes carried the scars are confined to the injection sites and are therefore very small.

Without Machine Soft

the revolutionary technology, which will be operated exclusively by hand. Permanent make-up, a boom that is getting bigger. More and more women come with the theme “Permanent make-up” in touch. Learn how great it is really to be melted to any day or night time. That is sooooo practically? No blur the eyeliner more I have as always painstakingly recorded me only an hour ago, my eyebrows are like new even after the sport or the sauna.

And and and… Well, so a permanent make-up (= abbreviation PMU) is already something great. But here we go yet. Just type in Google: permanent make up! There are countless Studios / beauty salons and most recently, there is also already a “medical permanent make-up”. Great, and where is a woman to turn now, which has really got no idea? The best time so some pages open and inform. Quickly, the questions arise: what is a permanent make-up, how long does a permanent make up, what colors are taken… And if you look now further, there are a variety of statements to a same question such as How long does a PMU? Some write – 3 to 6 years, others say that to stab himself annually should be…

On all sides the same described in the end. But never spoken over a-Technik-. There are “permanent make-up without machine. for many years A soft and gentle technique that is operated exclusively by hand. You can compare the difference with a sewing machine. Down on the foot pedal is there gas and above the needle rotates. Similar to the pigments machine. The needle hits the colour pigments in the skin with about 200 stitches. The authorities are stunned before something with an ointment, but you realize it yet still very. Otherwise the manual technique without machine. Here is a needle attachment (e.g. 10 needles in a row lined) set your needle on the skin, slightly pressed forward, and rolled backwards. While the skin is lifted and there is a vacuum in the Skin. This removes the needles now the color into the skin. No matter which technology is used, it is the same durability. The pigments sit always in the same layer of the skin. It is essentially painless and with the right colors, this PMU can not turn. The Kosmetikstudio revolution in Solingen has specialized on this technique and also educates. This technique is very detailed on our website. This technique without machine has been proven around the world already tens of thousands times and is increasingly gaining ground in Germany.

Launch Of Waxing In The Foot Centre Of Excellence

Andrea Becker schoolmaster absorbs the lifestyle trend after a very well-kept appearance and is strengthening its commitment in this area. The demand persists unabated after aesthetically manicured feet. This has prompted Andrea Becker schoolmaster and at the previous trade fair beauty in Dusseldorf a new product chosen, the waxing. She has decided for the currently superior waxing product from LCN. Thus she decided at the same time consciously, however, the customer selection from currently two spread Depilations applications to decide, namely the body sugaring and the waxing. The pulling solution from LCN is based on the product of LCN”natural waxing. This product includes everything that belongs to the current waxing trend to do so. It consists of natural ingredients and uninstall pilliert the customers skin gently and naturally.

The natural ingredients will contribute to a gentle and mild hair removal. The product combines only the hair and not the Skin. The typical pavement remains in effect. Only slight skin irritation can occur on the same day, which however soon pass. It is advisable to avoid a high sunlight on the same day. After the treatment, the product also made of natural raw materials is LCN reducer”applied to the care and soothe the skin. After the professional waxing is the result of a smooth for weeks House without irritation. The waxing is just for feet and legs offered to the motto of the Fusskomptenz Centre”continue to meet.

Another advantage is that the fine hairs on the legs grow more slowly after the first treatment and also the structure of the hairs is positively changed to a soft fuzz. The prices for the applied procedure refer to the site. Andrea Becker-Schulmeister is completely excited about the introduction of this enlargement. Even after the application of this product on your own legs, the skin was completely relaxed and am next day without any irritation. The introduction of this foot spa product will further strengthen the position of my Fusskomptenz Centre in Dusseldorf”, so Andrea Becker schoolmaster confident.

Adventure Tourism

The province of Mendoza an ideal destination for lovers of tourism is adventure in all its forms. With its natural scenery of privilege among Andes, rivers, deserts and forests, all modalities of this increasingly popular form of tourism are there possible. You may find Department of Labor to be a useful source of information. Rafting, trekking, climbing and thousand variants more, intense and funny, await a traveler in search of strong emotions. In Mendoza, the adventure tourism does not disappoint even to those who believe have tried everything. Consider just the endless possibilities offered by the silver cord, an area in the front area of the Andes with unique features. A few minutes from the Centre of the city of Mendoza, the silver cord surprises and challenges with hills that will not lower the 3000 meters. Height and, in some cases, they Ascend up to 6000.

This area is considered ideal for acclimation practices before attempting to climb to the mythic Aconcagua. But you don’t have to be projecting this feat to be seduced by its imposing geography of streams, forests and icy crags. An excursion typical to the silver cord extends for 6 days, and it is as demanding as rewarding. Starts moving from Mendoza capital until the area of Vallecitos, to start, there Yes, trekking up to big stone, an estimated 4 hours walk. Each day of the excursion includes the conquest of a new Hill, whose heights increase progressively. The third day is destined to the acclimatization and rest, to prepare participants for the great challenge: the ascent to the Summit of the Silver Hill, with its majestic 6000 meters.

Height. The last day is intended to return, and the excursion usually finish off with a great farewell dinner in the city of Mendoza, with a totally different group to which departed from there six days ago. Nobody is the same after having been so immensely small in the exciting presence of the mountain. The team recommended for this excursion simply unforgettable deserves separate chapter. He and his perfect condition depends on the success or failure of the adventure. The list of items essential includes very high protection sunscreen, bottles of water, flashlight, thick stockings and gloves wrap and a sleeping bag with insulation capable of withstanding temperatures of up to-15. The investment is worth the effort: among forests, snow, Condors and streams, in Mendoza tourism adventure has another taste.