Launch Of Waxing In The Foot Centre Of Excellence

Andrea Becker schoolmaster absorbs the lifestyle trend after a very well-kept appearance and is strengthening its commitment in this area. The demand persists unabated after aesthetically manicured feet. This has prompted Andrea Becker schoolmaster and at the previous trade fair beauty in Dusseldorf a new product chosen, the waxing. She has decided for the currently superior waxing product from LCN. Thus she decided at the same time consciously, however, the customer selection from currently two spread Depilations applications to decide, namely the body sugaring and the waxing. The pulling solution from LCN is based on the product of LCN”natural waxing. This product includes everything that belongs to the current waxing trend to do so. It consists of natural ingredients and uninstall pilliert the customers skin gently and naturally.

The natural ingredients will contribute to a gentle and mild hair removal. The product combines only the hair and not the Skin. The typical pavement remains in effect. Only slight skin irritation can occur on the same day, which however soon pass. It is advisable to avoid a high sunlight on the same day. After the treatment, the product also made of natural raw materials is LCN reducer”applied to the care and soothe the skin. After the professional waxing is the result of a smooth for weeks House without irritation. The waxing is just for feet and legs offered to the motto of the Fusskomptenz Centre”continue to meet.

Another advantage is that the fine hairs on the legs grow more slowly after the first treatment and also the structure of the hairs is positively changed to a soft fuzz. The prices for the applied procedure refer to the site. Andrea Becker-Schulmeister is completely excited about the introduction of this enlargement. Even after the application of this product on your own legs, the skin was completely relaxed and am next day without any irritation. The introduction of this foot spa product will further strengthen the position of my Fusskomptenz Centre in Dusseldorf”, so Andrea Becker schoolmaster confident.