Interview Magne

Magne Furuholmen, artist and keyboardist of the 2010 defunct pop band a-ha from Norway Gesine Borcherdt 11 March 2011 Magne Furuholmen, artist and keyboardist of the 2010 defunct pop band a-ha from Norway, runs in the smart electric above. He parks Monsieur Vuong, directly in front of the Berlin-Mitte Asians in the middle of the Park ban, as later taught us a ticket. That Furuholmen, blond and scrubby styled, will next year 50 in a turquoise shirt and with similar eyes, appears just as outlandish as the fact that a-HA hit wrote take on me before 26 years music video history. What hardly anyone knows: Furuholmen is also artist. Since his youth, draws, paints and prints he and regularly exhibits in galleries and institutions.

In Berlin he occurs now with the artists collective Apparatjik, which alongside other artists like Guy Berryman of Coldplay also filmmakers, an astrophysicist and the curator Ute Meta Bauer count. After the Group occurred at the Transmediale. 10 for the first time last year, Udo Kittelmann had them summarily in the new National Gallery invited. Here, Apparatjik shows different, somewhat unpredictable performances, which give rise to a playful combination of music, space and light to the 12, 26 and 27 March. In the Centre stands a large cube, in which the group plays inspired by Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s light space modulator.

artnet with Furuholmen talked about longing for chaos, which pressures of success and the fact that Morten Harket does not understand him to this day. Apparatjik Berlin Transmediale performance, 2010 courtesy of Apparatjik artnet: in addition to your career you as a musician as artists also work in a group, the artists collective Apparatjik that occurred last year for the first time at the Transmediale and now shows a performance at the Neue Nationalgalerie. Can or you want to work alone? Magne Furuholmen: For me, the idea of cooperation is very natural.


Robert Zollitsch

2010 there will be new Ecumenical impulse – criticism of Bishop Huber In an interview with the European said the Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference: I hope and wish the ahead Ecumenical Kirchentag 2010 will be above all an expression of the already reached common ground in Munich. In terms of on the common 500 anniversary of the attack of thesis in Wittenberg in the year 2017, Zollitsch said: to connect opportunities for ecumenism,. Zollitsch is attacking the former Board Chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Bishop Wolfgang Huber, in the conversation. This is called the Evangelical Church of freedom; is the Catholic Church the reverse as a church of the lack of freedom: I mean this consequence too little was considered by the Protestant side and also is not consistent with what is Catholic Church and don’t want to be. Read the whole interview at robert zollitsch /… Contact person: Maximilian Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Chief of the service 030 6098110-19 the European is new online magazine.

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The person whose predominant dawn is of color silver, will present/display a great capacity for the creativity, being in addition that will demonstrate to own ideal majors. It also owns great capacity to be able mental, that combines with the mysticism and the espiritualidad, although is able not always it to harmonize. The people with the dawn of the color silver, can be excellent writers of histories fantastic, although he is advisable that knows to have the feet in the ground. When the color silver of the dawn, is in background, indicates a state of fantasiosa reality, where the subject observes its future from another reality. In the negative aspect of the color dawn silver, we will find to a totally passive subject before the life, resorting to its dreams like unique exit to the problems of the real life.

The person whose predominant color of the dawn is the yellow, as with the orange, owns a great capacity of sociability completely, giving itself to take care of the others. It emphasizes his great capacity of lucidity and innovation of ideas. They need to be constantly in contact with the enemy with other people. Very excellent educators or professors are enabled to be. If the yellow color is not the predominant one, will indicate that it is the moment for starting up all the ideas, since will be able to secure the necessary attention. However, in the negative aspect, the yellow color will indicate that the person can become a critic of itself and everything what surrounds to him, getting to appear before the others like a bitter person. GREEN the person whose predominant color of the dawn is the green one, owns a special enchantment, something that makes him feel very next to the others, being habitual to find in the people that own this color of dawn like predominant, a clear inclination towards professions like the medicine or sanacin.


Judicial Instances

When to Sentencia of separation or divorce a regime of one-parent or exclusive safekeeping in favor of one of the ancestors pays attention, a complete regime of visits settles down for the other, that could identify like the maintenance between the same and its children of a relation and contacts with limited character. Actually totality of the situations is to the mother to whom grants the safekeeping to him completes on the children, corresponding then to the ancestor man a regime of visits, that will include/understand all type of communications with the same and stay of these in its company in certain periods of time (week ends and part of the vacations, for example). How would work east regime of visits? In Sentencia of separation or divorce (or, where appropriate, in the regulating Agreement of which they could have agreed to the ancestors) the opportune forecasts will settle down on the content of the same, and in particular: -On the communications with the children during the stated times. -On the time that these happen together and, in particular, on the pernoctaciones of the children in its home, being able to decide with freedom the activities that wish to realise in those moments. Any interference on the part of the other ancestor in the free exercise of its Right of visits could be shown before the corresponding Judicial Instances. Also, could be solicitd to that clarified whichever controversial questions or indetermine they could consider. The respect to this regime also would be essential on the part of the ancestor without the safekeeping. Thus, to skip the schedules determined without reason for continued way or to interfere with the exercise of the safekeeping on the part of the other could be very serious activities that affect negatively to the exercise of their Right in the future.

Key questions to consider For the success of this modality, and even a possible reconversion to a regime of safekeeping shared between both ex- spouses, would be precise that this Right was developed of civilized and warm form, being developed enters the same active cooperation in the best interest of its common children. Regardless of the differences of the pair after the rupture, with complete certainty both always are going to wish the best thing for those children. Taking that as departure point is possible that this one regime works.


Concepts Popular Marketing

You do not have to be an expert in the field of the place that you choose: the experts say that you only must choose the niche in which you are expert. Get all the facts and insights with Amtrak, another great source of information. The Internet is so impersonal that it can show it like an expert without knowing that niche particular.The key is in which it appears like an expert.You can perfect the creation of Web sites of niche without interaction like blogs, the rights of purchase of reventa of a book in a niche in particular. You can choose to remove benefit to any place that you wish. He chooses a market niche and to cling to him: Once one settles down in a market niche and to develop a profitable system, he chooses other to run with her.You can even choose a pseudonym if she wants, is a practice common to do it. The commercialization of the place is a game of numbers.Once it finds a profitable niche must put it in autopilot and chooses another niche of market to enter. The best way to make money in the game of niche is to promote products of niche like affiliate: Clearly, becoming a branch and the niche product promotion he can be very profitable, but you are doing this, you you are not the maximization of his income. You have the necessity to promote his own destiny or page of landing where the directions of electronic mail take shelter of the visitors, also must send a course of email with the information corresponding to the niche of particular market, to gain the confidence to the visitors. He is already his subscriber now trusts you, you you can recommend products in that place time and time again, knowing that its recommendation has much weight. These are three popular ideas when it is the commercialization of a product.It follows over the ends, and thus it will be more probable that you are successful.It remembers, it is important to find a niche profitable, places it in autopilot, next, and later it must happen to the following niche.


Eduardo Blanco

I went out to travel the country and you’re going to get tired of seeing sheds and sheds enclosed, empty. But do not try to deceive us politicians when they say that citizens live complaining and demanding. Him, for they regret, that listening to choir in any concentration of people is only one. Work. What people, claims is just work.

Having working people very well he knows how to do things to progress. But there is work is not an issue that the people themselves need to resolve. It is a duty, a commitment and an obligation of the State, hence the leadership that guides the destiny of any country. And so in a thriving and active Argentina that was the envy of many, who stood out by having a small and medium industry that grew and grew the country, began to collapse first some of the large companies following with medium-sized and small and finally leaving us virtually no national industry. Main source of funding for any country. Without production it is impossible that there is growth.

We make a brief description of the operation of an aspect of the economy. The companies (factories) or the set of them, compose the it (production) (production) that is to say working, pay salaries, extras and prizes (monetary income) in respect of remuneration. This set of salaries make up revenue and has as recipient families (consumption units) on the other hand the production (factories) offer (bid) goods placed on the market in order to sell them. But at who sells them? The public who are workers (consumption units) how can the public buy these goods? Using their (monetary income) for (expenses) for the goods they need, naturally creating a (lawsuit) this (demand) makes it to production (labour) need to increase assets seeking to get them going to the market to buy what they need. And (demand) generated causes the circuit to start. You want it simple. It is something like this: = people with working people that charges his salary. = People who charges his salary to people who spend. People who spend = generates demand for products. Demand for products = Need to manufacture. Need manufacture = factories in activity factories in activity = need for workers need workers = people with work and the circuit returns to begin new and indefinitely. It is that simple. As we saw; units of consumption are families. Or families, are in charge of generating the demand for goods and services in the market. By who? Because she has needs and to meet these needs, they must consume goods and services. But at the same time offer their resources, they are; work and capital companies (which on the other hand offer goods and services that families need) families well can pretend consume everything that needed them, or everything what you wish. But generally this not always achieved because they are subject to the budget you have. Their livelihood. Well so far the first part.