Ticket of Spring the spring all arrived and with it a feeling of gotten passionate hearts waiting its expensive half. In pairs beings if they find, they are known and in some cases they remain together for all a life. Per years I observe this process daqui where I am. Already vi as much thing to admire, but a case in special would like to count the vocs. It was one afternoon of spring in the square here and the birds sang with joy between levelling flights in the central garden, butterflies still more colored the colors of the flowers, but, repaired that somebody was sad, cabisbaixo, indifferent with everything what it happened to its redor.

I observed that it looked at to the times for some other beings that passed for close, these with equal clothes of it, also they had books and notebooks that loaded next to the body. I observed that in some moments our friend fixed the look in one in special, but when it returned the look it disfarava, moved of way or started to make something different. I say this because it was not the first time and I believe that she would not be the last one. The said one was made. Another day when I repaired, it it was close to me and it wrote some thing in its notebook. I find that a phrase, but I did not obtain to read the writing, something all thus: ' ' Wanted pink, its to unclasp in this spring made mine corao' ' I know that vi little, would even like to be able to have read everything, to try to understand the feelings of this being with approach difficulties, but the hour already was advanced and it was even so. In the following week I perceived its affliction when it tried to come close itself and in way the smiles and outbursts of laughter came cambaleando in my direction.