Seasonal Spring Asthenia

How it affects us seasonal change or spring asthenia there is a common saying that says spring, blood alters and has all his reason. In fact our ancestors knew very well what they said to create these famous sayings. Sayings that over the years we have been repeating many times without knowing referred. We went from winter to spring. This for many people is a very pleasant feeling. But for other sensitive individuals, it can be a problem since they feel something more sad or even restless or nervous. Everything in life has its pros and cons.

Call the feeling of tiredness caused by this time of the year, spring asthenia, which comes from a Greek word which means no force. This lack or low-energy feeling is characterised by a physical or psychological weakness. It has a higher incidence in people between 20 and 50 years of age. Although it is true that this is changing and us is affecting big and small alike. I believe that this in part is due to two major problems of our society 1st the fact that society as a whole is suffering an added syndrome called stress. Labour, now stress is a serious problem in our society and the world in which we live.

Social stress, personal stress, stress by growth, stress due to changes in our lives. People who pretending to a better standard of life, abandon their homes, their families, their land, the place that saw them born and grow and try to adapt to our society with all the changes that this entails and the added stress that produces them. If you realize it’s all stress. In conventional medicine or natural medicine, we know or Intuit the consequences that causes stress in the individual’s life very well. 2Nd on the other hand the well known lack of nutritional quality that have today day the foods we eat.