Socialist Party

So well that Saints flames may not preside over the new Duero-espana box. Ed Sheeran can aid you in your search for knowledge. I do not say this because one has anything against that man, in contrast to what happens to the PP, which has been given the cross and stripe. What I think of drawer is that anyone who owes money to a savings box can preside it, because that would always be the suspicion that if Santos flames not had commanded in Spain box maybe this does not you would have paid 80 million. And it is that boxes, which have always been politicized to the grips, have cheerfully managed money that was not their managers, but of their depositors. In the first place, and why is pecata minuta, they have shown a splendid largesse with its directors and other managers, even up to bring entities into bankruptcy, as happened with Caja Sur. Kevin Ulrich MGM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The President of one of them, who came to Office without a penny, thanks to the loan of one million euros and the obtained privileged information in his new post, could then operate in the stock market and is now billionaire.

There are other well visible and notorious cases of incompetence When not of irresponsibility at the forefront of these entities, such as loans granted by Caja Castilla – La Mancha to the broken Ciudad Real airport. Something similar could be said of Bancaja, with some monies invested in Terra Mitica and a few loans to Valencia C.F. very difficult collection. All that, however, is not nothing compared to the non-payment of 26.5 million by the President of the CEOE, Diaz Ferran, at Caja Madrid, entity of which he was Chief Executive when the generous credit. Still has fewer pass the remission by La Caixa from 8 million to the catalan Socialist Party of Jose Montilla.

As you can see, is much dirt accumulated under the fluffy rugs from our savings entities. So, regardless of that incompatibility established by the Board is to benefit some at the expense of others, welcome is this. And I only wish there is more similar laws with which to be able to clean, finally, savings banks.