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The summer time of hot days, when the noonday sun is mercilessly POPs through the window stands at the door and thus. Every year thinks man only to install a sun protection when the hot days are already there. Then it’s problematic to often find a solution quick or you think the summer is soon over, and takes, early next year to think about Sun protection. So is the clear recommendation by plus film technique, already now to choose effective ways of Sun protection. With one of the most effective and usually most cost effective solution is the installation of Sun protection film on the outside of the window. Thus, the radiation and solar energy already in front of the glass will be blocked.

When choosing the sunscreen, a possible reflective foil should be selected to stream back as much of the solar energy. Held by such a film up to 99% of harmful UV rays and glare or reflections on screens clear reduced. Sunscreen can be mounted on later close to all glazing. Sunscreen is available in many different sizes and colors, which have different amounts of heat. Even for the most sunscreen it’s but not really dark in the room but there is a slightly tinted, glare-free light.

-Approximately 80% of the solar radiation and over 99% of harmful UV radiation will be rejected in such a film. In addition to the strong reflection of solar energy, a sunscreen offers a number of additional advantages any air conditioners are relieved, allowing cost savings are possible, furniture and objects no longer fading by UV protection and effective view protection, resulting in the mirror with a foil on the day. Solar control films are completely maintenance-free, easy to clean and very durable. For foreign films, there is a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 10 years. The sunscreen can be just as residue. Ask for advice when choosing your sunscreen by a specialist. So get a professional installation with a high-quality films and have created a comfortable, relaxed environment for many years.