Socialist Jaume Pascual

Raul Martin 20 m to its 22 years has become Mayor younger than Spain to win the election in his village, Cotobade, in Pontevedra. Age is one fact of the DNI, nobody is born learned and experienced. It ensures that one of the first things you will do is reduce the salary. Student of law Jorge adverse has become to his 22 years in the Mayor younger than Spain, to win the election in his village, Cotobade, in Pontevedra, with 49,23% of support, giving you six councillors. Adverse entered into new generations of PP with 16 years and opted this year for the first time to the municipality of Cotobade (a town of 4,610 inhabitants, according to the website of the concello). It has surpassed the record so far boasted the Socialist Jaume Pascual, who came to the municipal armchair with 23 years old in 1979 in L Alqueria d Asnar (Alicante).

How is an absolute majority with only 22 years? With responsibility and seriousness. Age is one fact of ID, which must be clear It is that you I put there by the majority of residents. He named his @alcaldecubela twitter account, it was so clear that it was going to become the Mayor of the municipality? The PP in Cotobade is a party in Government; I, of course, elaborated a team to win and to govern the next four years our City Hall. Submit to aspire to be second force is to start losing elections. What I would say to those who think that a mayor of his age lacks experience? Nobody is born learned and experienced.

I’ve been in politics for many years. 22 Years old I have a tour that maybe another 45 years if it landed in the political arena would not. Experience demonstrates working around-the-clock and is something that I will do as Mayor of Cotobade.