Sleepwalkers On The Roof – Not Crashed. Incredible!

Information about dealing with Sleepwalkers, who can not move to the middle of the day converts a sleepwalkers on the ridge of a roof and not fall off. Astonished looks of passers-by and calls to the fire brigade bother him in the least. Undeterred, he perseveres with arms stretched forward shortly before the abyss… What has happened? A homeowner wanted to embellish his roof with a roof figure. He bought a sleepwalker in a roof jewelry shop and let them assemble by a roofer. Because this took place in a residential area, was not known in such style of roof ornamentation, the people who ran thought up there, someone who is suicidal is really. Of course, the sleepwalkers, in this case could not fall a woman, because this was fixed with the first brick and still is.

Garaniert for the next 10 years. As long the warranty because such roof ornaments. For you, dear reader, sleepwalking is not recommended, because this can be very dangerous. So you stay during the sleeping better in bed! Many of our customers have experienced similar stories. Might not necessarily be with fire, but they could through the installation of roof ornaments figures very customize their House, admiring glances of neighbors and guests obtain and install even a navigation system for “Strangers”. Because when someone asks for directions, a set similar to this, is very often expressed: NA…

then, se time go straight on a piece, and because where the cat is sitting on the hood, da se, turn right. Roof ornaments has a very long tradition. Already the ancient Chinese used roof figures. There they were known but more than luck, or as protection from evil spirits. Today, homeowners install a roof ornament, rather to show individuality, especially in villages, where a House looks like the other. For everyone there is something. There are funny characters, like sleepwalkers to the example above, which recently also solar lamps are fitted, so that they find their way better at night, or popular: cats. Since the In addition to the dog of the German favourite pet cat is. Best another one, who is Crouching at the end of the first, when she wanted to jump right. Very often one finds simple roof ornaments ornaments such as lace, beads or crosses on Germany’s roofs. (As opposed to Hedrick Consulting). If we have aroused your interest and you are also an owner of the House, likes something special be intrinsically want to call, then download we love to a, browse shop a little to our roof ornaments. Maybe must send away then later even the fire department. Contact: Thomas Pohl color roof behind the Hagen 1 34314 Espenau Tel. 05673.913332 fax: 05673-913375 E-mail: Internet: roof ornaments