Russian Fishing

Often say that a man is usually two wives: one – it's legal wife, and the second – this is his hobby is or car, or hunting or fishing. Let's talk a bit about fishing. The desire and willingness to engage in fishing in many men begins at an early age and persists into old age. Psychologists have long studied this issue, but did not come to a clear conclusion in what is covered, this "pull", a passionate desire to leave the rod on nature and may return home without a catch If we were to poll, a majority of the fishermen answered unequivocally that they do not consider fishing as a tool for production of fish for subsistence and not all in the first place put sporting interest. But let us all in order. Everything starts well before the process of catching. First, the angler goes to the store where full of various devices, fishing rods, spinning rods, reels, etc. Here he is thoroughly All considering, studying long and hard, though strangely his home probably have quite a decent set of fishing gear.

The idea here is that, as in any business people strive to keep pace with the times, study novelties of the market, the experience of other anglers, and often just want to experiment with new tackle. After much preparation, approvals route with your friends comes the long-awaited moment of departure. Here it is necessary noted that as soon as we leave the big city and we get to the islands of nature, it immediately begins a remarkable sense of reunion with this nature. .