Counterattack Natural Epidemic

Insurance you have in your cupboard, in a pot or in your backyard products and plants that can help you to prevent or combat the H1N1 flu virus. And if not, you can search for them in the neighbouring House, in supermarkets and shops of natural products. Firstly you must eat right, supplementing with natural remedies that promote the immune system, take essential nutrients to combat viruses, rest enough and lower stress. Influenza is a virus and the only way to work with viruses is your immune system to combat them. Once the virus enters your system does not create symptoms, unlike other diseases or bacteria that your immune system reacts immediately.

Then adheres to the cell, penetrates and within it is assembled and replicates. The last step is that they explode and out of the cell, and there is that cause the big effect, invade the system and they are fought by our immune system. The immune system produces substances aimed to intervene at every stage of this process, including T cells, macrophages and NK (Natural killers or natural killer) cells. This natural process is known as mediated by cells or Cell Mediated Immunology Immunology. The system of T cells that want to develop.

These cells have different chemicals (Cytokines) to make the immune system to react, produce interleukins that stimulate immune reactions such as fever, and interferons used to inhibit the process of penetration (range) and (alpha and beta) replication of the virus within the cell. This process affects the cells in turn natural killers, the most powerful of all to kill the virus. Natural resources at hand follow the advice of the new pyramid nutrition. Do not skip meals, particularly do a good breakfast. Hydrate well (approximately three liters of water for adults). Rest, sleep well. Monitor your levels of stress.