Rio De Janeiro

To complete the series of nonsenses, although Jose Adonis to have last the week end resting in house, it did not return a cent of the daily fat person who received for the period of removal. He would have to restitute the value of daily the relative ones to the days where he spendt the night in its house. For well less of this (appropriation of daily) he has much people answering the process. Interesting he is that, as judging of magistrates, Jose Adonis he is rigorous. He voted against the act of receiving of allowance for expenses for removed judges, even so he himself has received allowance for expenses to be only some days it are of its unit. Recently, Adonis arguiu the suspicion of the appeals court judge of the TRT-1 Nelson Tomaz Braga to participate of the voting in claim to discipline restored, the CNJ, against the former-president of the Court of Justice of Rio De Janeiro, Zveiter Luiz (Mrcio Thomaz Bastos, lawyer of Zveiter, arguiu the suspicion of Adonis).

Curious he is that Jose Adonis if did not give for soldier on barrack duty (what more than what is suspected), when determined the instauration of administrative proceeding against the server who did not order the official vehicle to search it in the airport. Tuiui is thus: ' ' It makes what I say, but does not make what I fao.' ' I represented against Jose Adonis. The corregedor-generality took the representation until then the solicitor-generality Antonio Fernando. This assigned a subprocurador-generality of the Republic for ' ' investigar' ' Adonis. By chance, the appointed subprocurador was one tuiui. It heard Adonis and this confessed what I had written, but said that it could make what it made.

Tuiui assigned for the case, in long pleaded, it required filling next to the Superior Court of Justia (STJ). Although the effort, seems that it did not convince the minister reporter the innocence of Adonis, that if limited to receive the filling, alleging that the Court could not deny the order of the MPF. So that they do not think that I am writing asneiras, they enter in the site of the STJ ( and consult in processes: RP 398. Not accepted Adonis to be opposed. In the same way as it made with the server, certain time a solicitor criticized its vote in the CNJ, that denied allowance for expenses the transferred judges. The solicitor said that Adonis defended, in the CNJ, the thought of tuiuis in the cupola of the MPF, that is against the payment of aid of cost (for the others). Jose Adonis freed the cachorros against the criticante solicitor and he did not pardon another solicitor who had supported the critical one, saying that until the poetries of this they would be false (the solicitor that supported the critical ones, all the fridays, places poetries in the internal net of the servers and solicitors). Probably, after this article, judge of judges will invite me for a duel. Manoel Pastana Attorney general and writer