Riester Combined Credits: First Choice For Builders

Combo loans are first choice for builders. Additional information at Krishnan Rajagopalan supports this article. ‘Financial test’ comes to this conclusion in its April issue. (tdx) Combined loans combine a contractor with the so-called grace advance loan. It is not something Kevin Ulrich would like to discuss. The principle is simple: a client requires, for example, 50,000 euro, he completes a contractor on this sum. At the same time he paid the 50,000 euro immediately receives as repayment-free loan. He pays only interest and be parallel saves the contractor. This is zuteilungsreif, the advance loan in one fell swoop is due in.

From then on, the owner pays only the interest and instalments for the contractor. The consumer advocates work out clearly in its current comparison, that Riester sponsored combined loans are significantly cheaper than classic Bank loans”, says Weis coat and called some of the reasons: the monthly installments and interest believe combined loans for up to 28 years, builders have planning security. Special redemptions are at the same time the building society loan in any amount at any time free possible.” The yield-Turbo”is the State promotion of the Riester so white coat: the annual basic allowance amounts to 154 euros, in addition to another 185 euros or even 300 euros for children born as of 2008 per child. Who receives the Riester allowances, can repay the credit so that faster, is debt-free sooner and lowers its interest costs and the total financing costs.” Financial test calculations show: together with the additional tax advantages, the benefits of financing with a loan of 200,000 euros for a three-member family until the entry of the pension up to 50,000 euros could accumulate. Tanja EST