I will resist? We will resist? I will resist, I will not resist, I will resist, I will not resist, as who takes away the leaves to malmequer. Therefore it is, is exactamente apetece to ask what me when, the cost, I try to attend the transmission of the soap opera of the 20 hours in the international RTP, whose heading is: ‘ ‘ Resistirei’ ‘. It is not that I could not attend another emission in another canal any, but as I have this visceral linking to my country, my language and as still superficially my son also attended with me some soap operas, was a form to be together, to partilharmos a moment, to laugh together, as it happened as many times (to cite one of the best ones) with the soap opera ‘ ‘ Malandro’ heart; ‘ with divertidssimo actor Pepe Rapazote. The soap opera ‘ ‘ Resistirei’ ‘ , that it was produced by the SIC (television channel), is an authentic history of terror and same with much good will and no matter how much it likes my language and culture I do not obtain to attend this to parade of deaths, hatred, revenge, treasons, etc, etc? But I find that I perceived because is that thus we are dealt with as citizens 2 classroom, because if by chance we will not be contented with the programs transmitted for this public canal, we can always pay the signature and thus to have access to all the Portuguese canals. But there, I am that I say: I will resist! I will not make the signature, therefore this consumista world does not please me! Then and as I cited only one example, between as much others, that makes in to feel them a little (very) forgotten here in the center the Europe, I have that to appeal, one more time, to the popular wisdom that says: ‘ ‘ it does not have badly that it always lasts? ‘ ‘ I try to have patience and to wait that ‘ ‘ tempestade’ ‘ it calms over all and that the soap opera finishes! Because, happily, we are a people with very ‘ ‘ to be able plug-in ‘ ‘!