Psychological Studies

In Psychological studies indicate that the ICT impact on the formation of a theoretical, creative and reflective thinking modularly students that computer visualization of educational information has a significant influence on the formation of ideas, occupying a central place in imaginative thinking and imaginative representations of various phenomena and processes in the memory enriches student perceptions of educational material, contributes to its scientific understanding. To develop a plan of computer lesson: components of time structure of the lesson, in accordance with the main objective of the problem and outlines the necessary steps to address them; provision of computer software selects the most effective means, the expediency of their use in comparison with traditional means; selected materials are evaluated over time, given the interactive nature of the material must be scheduled reserve time; components of time scan (per-minute plan) a lesson; the shortage of computer software or pictorial material is carried out searches of electronic textbooks or the Internet; from found materials formed presentation program; planning to achieve specific goals, provide for their gradual and the resulting diagnosis, ie use computer makes it possible to reinforce and extend control over the activities of students. Modern information technologies used in the classroom, allow you to include any of the following multimedia objects: graphics, sound, animation prezkntatsiyu video. Revived scheme is much better convey the meaning and idea of the study material. Formulas, charts, slides, video clips, sound bites, developing the ability to work with the information to become socially important for the teacher. .