Premiere Of The Berchkerwa Hymn To The Erlanger Bergkirchweih

The Franconian song slob Pamela Bauer presented at the Erlanger Bergkirchweih the ‘one and only’ Berchkerwa anthem in the premiere. Finally, we get the song times there, where it belongs, glad song slob from Hochstadt Pamela Bauer. Berchkerwa, the fifth season. Berchkerwa, it’s time again! Entlas-Keller, Ferris wheel, all they’re back!, is it tone this year live from the mountain. Today is again Berch, sings Abou and smashes his Berchkerwa anthem together with the Band Just4Fun in heart and brain of the mountain fans. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brooks Running.

The history of the Berchkerwa hymn is already some years old. The first spiritual outpouring found its way onto the paper in 1998. Flo Achatz, die-hard fan of mountain and tradition Erlanger, had the idea to text and Pamela Bauer set a few years later the Berchkerwa anthem with catchy tone to German drinking songs and sing along. She has not since then remained entirely unknown. The musical piece of the mountain was pressed on CD in 2007 and during the Erlanger Bergkirchweih in E-Werk among the mountain people. For free, of course. Remains to be answered is the question: the Erlanger Bergkirchweih needs its own anthem? The Erlanger Bergkirchweih, popularly called also fifth season or Berchkerwa, exists for 255 years now and is pleased is year to year of popularity, beyond the Frankish area. Every year dozens of cover bands surrounded her best visitors from near and far just to heat up.

Every year there is a Chartbreaker on the mountain, which is hit. With the Berchkerwa anthem that celebrates the world’s oldest Beer Festival, is Pamela Bauer this year before the fans and wants to play in their hearts. The Berch Abou calls after all these years no one came up with the idea to dedicate a song to the Berch, Pamela Bauer with Just4Fun presents the one and only this year on the Bergkirchweih”Berchkerwa anthem, a co-production by Pamela Bauer and Flo Achatz.