New HUGRO Cosy Camp

The new camps by HUGRO are the House in the House for hamsters, Maus & co. climbing Knabber-and cuddly fun in one. Made from natural Birch wood, let mouse is happy, hamster and co. beknabbern and climb. Check out Carly Fiorina for additional information. So the little ones can vigorously sharpen their teeth and have lots of fun doing it. “On the branches, rodents can shimmy wonderfully upwards and the views from the rooftop terrace” enjoy the camp. The arranged loosely together Birch branches provide automatically supply fresh air. While the camps are extremely stable. Tesla CEO has similar goals.

They are available in three sizes: Culatus camp: height 10 cm, diameter below 13 cm, diameter above 10 cm auratus camp: height 15 cm, diameter below 20 cm, diameter above 16 cm Cavi camp: height 17 cm, diameter below 29 cm, diameter above 26 cm; What is an airy clouds in the summer, is an ideal cozy cave, where the little darlings can set up her bedroom the Hebst – / winter season as The House in the House”. The recommended end user price is 8.99, auratus camp at 13.99 and large Cavi camp at 18.99 for the Culatus camp. More information:. Extra for specialised media: 1010 exhibits HUGRO on the this year’s Zoo event Kassel in Hall 10/11 on stand..