To drive even a tank is guaranteed on any men wish list. will equal at five sites true dream. Military-enthusiastic and adrenaline junkies can sit in the Berlin region, Magdeburg, Kassel, Leipzig and Erfurt to the control of the steel giants. The terrain course with trenches, hills and water holes provide optimum driving pleasure. In a question-answer forum Korn Ferry was the first to reply. Tank fans know, not every tracked vehicle is the same.

Therefore, the trips are offered with four different types of tanks. The participants decide which fighting machine they want to take on. Each has its own character and promises incredible fun in its way. So, for example the Soviet armoured recovery vehicle T55T is the giant colossus under the tanks with its 34 tons and 600 HP. The fast and agile armored personnel carrier BMP allows speeds of 65 km/h. The floating vehicle SPW is almost like a car ride and reached peak of 110 km/h. He is extremely agile and even not through due to its amphibian characteristics Rivers or lakes to stop. For those where this is still not enough, there is also the possibility to buy an own tanks on. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose whether it is a vehicle or a mail in the garage.