Local Area Network

Business today can not do without high technology. Without automation, accounting activities, inventory control, the availability of the Internet for communications with partners, the availability of e-mail. Even just without regard between computers of staff, implementation of many actions significantly hindered. For communication between the staff and to ensure that all of the above functions in varying degrees, require Local Area Network (LAN). To install and configure the lan in the office will need one server, workstation (PC) staff, network printers, modems, and the office pbx. Typically, office local networks using twisted pair category 5.

Options for installation of cable systems. It is not necessary to install and installation of local area network through its 'experts'. If you want a reliable and safe operation of the network, it is best to consult a specialist company, providing services to install and configure the network. When you install lan workstations are connected to a hub, it is usually installed in the geographical center of the office. Cable is laid in boxes, not is to lay the cable along the walls, the floor or nailed to the baseboard, so he quickly deteriorate from the chairs and legs of staff. Telephony is also an important part of the network. Laying of telephone lines is also better to entrust specialists. Telephone cables are laid before cable network and are attracted to pre-prepared places where telephones are installed.

Used a rational approach. Plan a cable system in advance, Considering all of the requirements and standards. Set on the jobs of two outlets – cable and telephone. In the control cabinet, set the active network equipment – a hub or switch, passive equipment – patch panel. There, if space permits, install office pbx, so you can reduce the length of the telephone lines. Since Category 5 utp cable has four twisted pairs, it can be used for installation of network cables, and telephone (2 twisted pairs – network, 2 – phone number). Place the outlet every five to ten square meters, it will help you simplify the connection of new users. Afford to repeat, to avoid problems with the installation and configuring local area network, telephony, use the services of specialized firms. Highly recommended laying a structured cabling system (SCS), it greatly simplifies the installation of telephony and lan standard scs series is very big, so no repair or re-installing it does not require.