To register, users fill out your profile with the business and personal data (optional) and can also provide information on their fields and specializations of work, their training, their current and previous ones. It is also recommended to add a photo, shown in thumbnail size on search results and displays of the network. The categories “look” and “offer” can route the contact with others. The platform uses https and have a strict privacy policy and the ban on spam. The activities of MLM (multi-level marketing) is strictly prohibited within XING. To establish a contact is necessary that the request to be contact is confirmed by the recipient. Only in this case, the system stores and displays a bidirectional connection. The system enables users to different ways to determine the types of information from your profile that can be viewed by other users.A weekly newsletter optionally informs the user about events, new users and personal statistics, for example, how many times have you visited your profile. Participation in Xing requires registration under the general conditions of use and is aimed exclusively at older adults. Basic Participation is free but there are added features to the “users Premium” service offered for a monthly fee of between 4.95 and 5,95 euros. Since May 2009, in markets like the Spanish have become additional free features, like knowing who has visited your profile, send messages to direct contact or leave a status message. Being “Premium” gives access to added features like sending emails to users who are not direct contact, post jobs or upload your own PDF documents in the profile (among others). Each new user can enjoy a month of features added for free, if another user has invited you.