Latin America States

They have also had to use financial blackmail with our continent’s weaker economies, to tilt some Governments left or progressive political and ideological positions related to the right American and continental. The dream of a different American President, with Obama appearance on the American and international political concert, has become a nightmare for the Latin American democracies. The current President of the United States of America, does not rule but that is attributable to the interests of large international corporations, especially those that represent the most powerful global oil companies. Source: Pinterest. Hilary Clinton, is truly the heavy-handed economic power groups, she is the Lady of stone, in this new phase of repression and invasion against our continent by the American puppet government. Obama is the first person of color reaching the Presidency of the United States, perhaps as the advertising strategy of the large North American power groups, to give the impression of change in a society that nothing changes. President Obama, has the Government, but not power, lacks the ability to dismantle the imperial of the American Government might, as promised in the election campaign and at the time of his alleged seizure of power. He has a Navy force and an American capitalist and neoliberal oligarchy against, not dudarian at any time to run the game from the assassination if they see their threatened imperial interests. Obama, is nothing more than a decorative and representative President compliant to the political, cultural and economic whims of great whites, Saxons and Protestants from American society, racist and discriminatory.

At a high price he sold the birthright of the historic be different President. Thus, becomes the current US Government, in a fundamental piece of political decoupling of broad social sectors of the United States advanced, that can be silenced and manipulated at the prospect of a radicalization of American military policy in our continent. Breathe again, on our continent, airs of interventions and military invasions, to again forcibly enormous energy from Venezuela and Ecuador reserves, and access to vast sources of raw materials and the fresh water that has Latin America, and the United States and much of Europe Atlantic come of its colonial property. The United States, before our recurrent naivety, plays the Machiavellian game that we can locate in different political and ideological fronts, argued petty interests on the part of some Latin American rulers who have gone astray of the liberating path on our continent, to kneel before the capital. In its attempt to militarily disarm our current political processes, they have instituted a boycott to purchases of armaments and spares soldiers of our armed forces that follows a plan of obsoletizacion of armament and equipment necessary for the defence of our Nations, then we accuse hypocritically the world wanting to start an uncontrollable arms race. Them that have equipped excessively and no control whatsoever to forces armed Colombian, in the same noses of the OAS and the UN and who have established the seven U.S. military bases – Israelis, to supposedly combat irregular forces or to suppress the people and social organisations in the neighboring country, accuse the rest of the countries of our region of interventionism and rearmament.

It would have to make use of the theories of the world upside down by Eduardo Galeano, in order to understand the dangerous war game that want to impose through the method gobeliano, the United States and its allies in our continent.