Labor Studies

In a society that prioritizes the productivity, the social success and the accumulation of material goods, the addiction to the work is one of the forms of more common addiction, and to a great extent more used to fill a great existential emptiness of the addict worker. If we had to draw a profile, we would say that she is a greater person of 30 years, with upper middle economic level, usually he is man, and its work entails a responsibility load, and according to it affirms the professor of the Institute of Labor Studies of the Esade, Simn Dolan, to what has been said, would be necessary to add that Many addict ones are people with little self-esteem who have a great necessity of success, or a terrible fear to the failure, and think that they can be like Superman all the life Far from being conscious of the problem which they have, able to ruin his life, the addict ones to the work, can appear to the society like successful people, proud of the great amount of hours that happen working, and sometimes they are offered and they are taken like referring following. We can affirm that, not all that works he is addict much to the work, but the one that makes to compensate its personal deficiencies unconsciously, or as answer to the failure that feels in other parcels of its life. Others who may share this opinion include Boyden. In this sense Iaki Piuel explains, psychologist of the work, that the addict one to the work is victim of a pathological attachment to its profession, not with the intention of reaching professional goals or performances but like means of flight, to avoid psychological conflicts interns. A worker who never disconnects, never relaxes, he does not support the sensation of loss of time, and that does not enjoy doing nothing else that its work. .