Klinsmann Dares The Adventure Of Bayern Munich!

Football Champions Bayern Munich has completed the search for a successor to Ottmar Hitzfeld. Ex-national coach Jurgen Klinsmann will lead the training of Munich from July 2008. Heather the desire of fans who would have expected that? Precisely, he is new coach at FC Bayern Munchen as a media-shy force Jurgen Klinsmann. He succeeds by Ottmar Hitzfeld thus, has not renewed his contract expiring in the summer. Ex – coach Klinsmann was one of the hottest candidates to the coach’s Chair, but rather considered the wishful thinking of the fans.

More are likely to celebrate the trailer of Munchner now, Heather but the fan favorite according to a survey. Previously negotiated? ULI Hoeness announced a few days ago that you find after a suitable coach not under pressure will sit and would take time. Now comes the presentation by Jurgen Klinsmann for many very unexpectedly, but the Portuguese Jose Mourinho currently considered the hottest contender. The conclusion suggests that the Bayern Manager in breastfeeding long had negotiated with Heather and just the right moment has been waiting for to make the bombshell. Bayern now unbeatable? Jurgen Klinsmann work can just as successfully with Bayern as with the national team? When the DFB-Elf, he needed time to change the old structures and to install a new system. FC Bayern rolls he now to? His methods were very successful in every case, proving the third place in the national team during the World Cup 2006 impressively. Poldi and Schweini winners are the big winner at Bayern for me Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger, the sensational performance at the DFB-Elf under the leadership of Jurgen Klinsmann.

I think that Heather can especially motivate young players in the squad of the FCB and educate. He will switch from the old 4-4-2 system with only two strikers on an attractive and offensive 4-3-3. Thus a space storm is free, Lukas Podolski should get. Klinsmann has the great fortune many national team players to work with. I think that the task excites him and he has therefore not long hesitate. He will send a strong force on the square, which will cause a sensation in the Bundesliga and Europe.