Internet Engines

With their help, you can register the site in thousands of search engines and directories, but it is not very correctly and efficiently. You should focus on the search engines and directories that are really popular. There are many tools that would automate the registration in catalogs and search engines. Some of them are worthy of attention. Remember that the purpose of registering the site – the most popular search engines (Google, Yandex, MSN, Yahoo). Once your site and most of its web-pages have been indexed in the further registration website there is no sense. This is only the first steps, and are not necessary for the site, period of existence of which more than 6 months.

Incoming links. Obtaining high-quality and related links from other web sites is the foundation for the success of your site. Each of these references consider a vote for your website. But, unlike the democracy of our modern era, not all links have equal value. To this the following factors: * The type of link. This banner, Flash or text link. For example, a text link on your site will be more significant if, in its name, it contains the key phrase, which is optimized for your site.

If, on the link title will be "click here", it will be less significant. * Subject site containing the link. If you do web design, the link from the site of the animals will not have anything to do with your site. If reference is made to a site about software development or Internet marketing, its "weight" will be a lot more. * The importance of the site containing the link. As you know, not all the same site. Some are more important than others. In other words, sites that get more traffic and rank them in search engines above are regarded as more important. Link to will be much more important than the site of the animals, which no one had ever heard.