Holiday With Dog – Only With A Suitable Dog Box

With security in the best time of the year, the holiday with dog wants to be well planned. In addition to good books on the topic of holiday with dog and appropriate reading material on the subject dog humor should be considered also the sometimes little-noticed issue of security. For good reason the realization has prevailed in the last few years, that dogs are also secured while driving how people. Last but not least, the intensification of road traffic has helped. Under this regulation, dogs considered charge that must be appropriately secured. Melinda Gates can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is used and not only the dog back, but also securing equity that is often forgotten. Specifically stating the following paragraph 23 of the road traffic Act (StVO, 23): “the vehicle driver is responsible for ensuring that his vision and hearing are not affected by the occupation, animals, cargo, equipment or the condition of the vehicle.

He must make sure that the vehicle, the train, the team and the cargo and occupation are compliant with the specifications and that the safety of the vehicle by the load or the occupation do not suffer.” You will be caught, brought about without a hazardous situation to have (police check), it is with EUR 35. becomes more expensive if a threat has happened. Once there are 3 points and then forward the Treasury about EUR 50. Viewed dispassionately but it is also true that motorists about the fine be suspended to operate third-party and proprietary backup. Believed physical calculations, unimaginable forces of more than 30 times the weight of the cargo incurred in a car accident at 50 km/h speed.

A Cocker Spaniel of 15 kg body weight reached from one to the other second of a ballistic threat”of nearly half a ton. That not only on the unsecured dog massive physical damage, it takes little imagination. Considering that the poor dog then also is threat to the occupants of the vehicle, then the meaningfulness of article 23 of the road traffic Act will be a (StVO, 23) abundantly.