Galician Geneaology

Searching in sites of Galician genealogy, they still meet the last name Caldelas or Caldellas, that one of these says to be a miniature form of the last name. Between the regions, in Portugal, that bring Caldas in its name appear: the city of Caldas of the Queen, in the district of Leiria; the thermal spring Village of Caldas of the Felgueira; the clientele of Caldelas (Guimares), old Village of Caldas of the Taipas; the clientele of Caldas of Is Jorge, in concelho of Saint Maria of the Fair; the clientele of Is Miguel de Caldas de Vizela; the clientele of Is Jose de Caldas de Vizela. In Galicia, or Galiza, concelho of Caldas de Reis still exists, in the province of Pontevedra. Considering that last names can in such a way appear of one topnimo how much to give origin to this, and that different we topnimos can generate derivations of one same last name or can we topnimos be mentioned it different, it is possible that some of the branches of the Caldas last name have its origins in some of these localities. Caldelas family of Galicia. This family proceeds from a diminutive way it Caldas last name, and between its variations she appears the Caldellas last name. She is registered in century XI, as she cites site of Galician genealogy: Frenandus Sanctii de Caldellas (doc year 1182 en E. Rivas Fifth – Hispanic northwestern persoal Onomstica, 1991, p 535).

The Caldas family in Brazil, especially in the Cear descends of Francisco Jose of the Caldas Coast, its wife Owner Maria of the Sky of the Caldas Coast, that, as consists in the consulted bibliography, had been land proprietors in the hinterland of the Araripe: () vast extension of agricultural lands that started in the high one of the Mountain range of the Araripe and if extended until ace plains of the small farm Headboards, irrigated for some permeio water sources, having the Great river. These lands, that had taken by its primitive owner the name of Caldas, () if follows the subdivises of the same ones. (FAMILY CALDAS: Of the City of Barbalha, P. 15). Although this bibliographical source does not demonstrate to certainty of the ethnic origin of Francisco Jose of the Caldas Coast, pairando doubt if was Portuguese born. Priest knows itself of a brother: Joaquin Jose of the Caldas Coast, vicar of the Clientele of Old, neighboring Mission to the Caldas lands, enters the gone ones of 1820 and 1830, according to Brgido Joo in the workmanship ' ' The Cear, Homens and Fatos' ' the same having been also registered in articles of the historian. In the state of the Bahia, the Piau, the Cear, of Paraba, of the Rio Grande of the North and in Pernambuco meets Caldas. In Pernambuco, the presence of the Caldas family has prominence since much time, therefore the commerce of cattle, lands and derivatives of the oil is associated with the imaginary one of the people as peculiar activities of this family detach that it in diverse cities of the interior, as much in Parnamirim as in Cabrob.