Fixed Income

" In short, I dispatched the six dollars. Naturally, no one in the morning I did not send – or the next day or three days as promised. For about a week for 30-40 minutes a day little by little, I honestly have sent out approximately the same letter you are reading right now, on different forums and boards. (This, incidentally, for the freeloaders – hardships, still have.) And more next – gone we go after 10-12 days on my purse began to receive money! Particularly shocked I was – thought – that's all fast and complete. Nothing like this, money continued to arrive and had the feeling that the translations come from around the world. (Incidentally, I am sending a letter continued). First came gradually, but slowly and surely – and at the end of the second week ran up something around 1,800 rubles. But by the middle of the third week of translations was already at 30 000, and at the end of the month in general came to 270,000 rubles.

That it really was a shock! Now I have become a fixed income – and a half months in my purse lay 37,000 dollars! And the amount continued to grow. And this at a cost of $ 6! Hard to believe, but the purse tolstel. And the fear of hackers forced Money is constantly displayed. In short, I once summed up: on average, per month occurred in 26-28 thousand (in terms of currency). This pyramid blah But this letter – the fourth attempt for the half year.