It all started with 'bullshit'. Though it may be called at any incident which does not lead to serious consequences. But all was not so At the end of something I decided on a loan and bought a lcd – television. Buy for medium, or slightly lower average income, have agreed not to last. Credit began to "assume", and I started thinking about the useful life entogo products. Quite a lot of cases, friends, coupled with the power supply when the "burn" a refrigerator for low voltage. Microwave just not something that is not warm, but not cool. Televisions literally explode and are a source of fire, the whole apartment.

The last incident with my friend. Speaking candidly santie botha told us the story. She went on vacation, and when I returned, the was very surprised. All electrical included in the socket has stopped working. "Just burned out power supply or control," said in warranty. A neighbor told "rumors" that the electricians have mixed phase for prevention shields. "What should I do?" I asked my friend the electrician.

"The answer is very simple, put the relay control voltage. When the voltage is above or drop below specified level – Relay off the electricity. Worth it's not expensive, only 10-15 bucks, but from the "surge" – to protect. " Not very long thinking, I bought the relay and put a shield. Pride about his knowledge of the issues I just was overwhelmed. But all is not so easy in this life If before I was afraid of what might happen to the stories of friends and acquaintances, but now I saw firsthand, what happens to the voltage on the network in a conventional "hruschevke.