Business Personalities

Estancarte or can not settle for just a little, because the universe is abundant in every way. There are certain characteristics that identify the different personalities. BETA People are insecure, have low self-esteem, do not believe they can get what they want and do what they do, much less what to do. Are passive and do not risk not like to undertake for fear of failing. It’s the kind of person who follows others because it is simply easier to do that to develop the skills required to achieve the life they want. PRE People – ALPHA: fluids, trained constantly, in some cases are authoritarian because they have confidence in themselves, are responsible and are usually looking for ways to do things a different way. I know it seems that that’s the way they move the leaders, however … The leader ALFA: It’s the kind of person who attracts others will naturally exude confidence.

The simple fact of being near someone Alfa makes you feel calm and safe. They do not care what others say, they know what they want and actually do what they have to do to get it. They are people of integrity, what they say is a reflection of what they do. They offer value to others because they love themselves, are very energetic and it seems that they are given everything they do. A very particular characteristic that identifies them is that they do what the rest of the people are not willing to do. In business, the alpha leaders are those who are in charge, know how to handle situations and improvise with ease. They have something inside that drives search challenges. They are entrepreneurs by nature.

Alpha leader does not sell anything, please do not anyone, not distributed leaflets or trying to convince others to join your organization or to do business with him. On the contrary people follow them for the value they perceive. Alfa leaders leading the way, are what make things happen. But how to learn to lead? Where they teach how a leader behaves and what you should know that other people will follow him or to have control of things that happen … Well, in theory can be very simple and is summed up in one sentence: “Do what most people are not willing to do, “because most people are followers. (Approximately 95% of the population). To become an alpha leader you just have to develop your skills and grow constantly. If you do that to become a leader (if you still are not) just a matter of time. So what kind of leader you want to be? and important man … What are you doing to become the kind of person you want to be?