Business On The Internet

Salary of teachers in the past was not pretty. And now, due to the constant price increases, generally shrank. Here in Ukraine do not understand what to expect. The budget has not yet been accepted, all sorts of scare salary reductions. Colleagues are looking alternative ways of generating income.

Many are engaged in tutoring. Bill Phelan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After the introduction of ct in Russia and the external independent testing in Ukraine has increased the demand for tutors. This, of course, a significant increase in salary. But not you can always find a sufficient number of students for such lessons, and not everyone likes this type of activity. Personally, I like to earn money online. Here are 5 reasons why, in my opinion, this work ideal for teachers of computer science: 1.

Informatics teacher free to work on the computer, have mastered the basic programs are familiar with programming and WEB-design. I will say even more – they love computers and love it mutual. Now many people have turned their attention to the Internet in order to earn some money. But not all are able to so freely use the computer as a teacher of computer science. I can assure you that among the successful Internet entrepreneurs, there are not many people who know how to use the computer better than average science teacher. They have learned how to use a computer for themselves. And this, as you know, completely different level of knowledge than the person who teaches the work on the computer. They know other things are much better, for example, how to make using a computer. That this is precisely the need to brush up, but 2. Specificity of the subject makes Teachers are constantly learning new computer software and information technology – hence, science teacher has a unique quality of learning, which is a must when using the Internet. If you themselves could learn to reinstall windows (this was in the pedagogical institutes is not always taught), to configure the network in a computer class, learn new programs, teaching methods, it is quite easy to be able to learn basic methods of doing business on the Internet! 3. One of the most profitable businesses on the Internet is selling various training programs and courses. Teachers have an excellent command of teaching methods and teacher science can easily clothe these techniques in electronic form. How much practical work you compose for their students? How many presentations navayal? And all this for nothing. Now try to do the same or nearly the same money. And do not required in computer science. You can teach people to do what you like most – knitting, sewing, repairing computers. 4. Because Work on the Internet requires a proper website or blog, then knowledge of html and basics WEB-design will help any teacher of science to create a website or set up a blog to your liking. Familiarity with programming will self-install various scripts to automate their work. Most cool in the Internet business is that once you do some product, such as writing e-book or make a training film about something, plug in electronic payment systems, setting up a script shop – and the process goes on automatic. You do not have to worry about the circulation of the book and its delivery, customers simply copy it to your website. Everything works on the machine! Your task is to organize ads.